Wolves Score A ‘Comedy’ Goal Against Tottenham: Twitter Reacts As Spurs Trail

Tottenham Hotspurs hosted Wolves in the Matchweek 25. Conte’s Tottenham started in a dreadful way as they conceded 2 goals in the first 18 minutes. It was not a gentle start for Spurs and Twitter fans reacted to the game against Wolves.

The London side conceded two goals, one of them which was termed as ‘Comedy’ by the commentators. So, let’s have a look what happened and how fans reacted to it.

Twitter Reacts To Wolves Crazy Start Against Spurs

The first 30 minutes had everything that a football fan wants to see. It was an edge-to-edge, entertaining football match. However, Spurs failed to put any goal and trailed 2-0 to Wolves.

Raul Jiminez scored the first goal in the 6th minute of the goal and gave Wolves the lead. Tottenham started to give a reply, then a loose ball from Hugo Lloris created problem for him and Leander was there to make it count.

After all this, Conte made a change and replaced Sessegnon with Kulusevski. It was not a very pleasing moment for the youngster and he looked disappointed.

Let’s have a look on how Twitter reacted to all this:

Spurs lost against Southhampton after having a 2-0 lead.

Is this a joke?

Who do you think will make it into top 4?

Spurs no more in big 6?

That’s interesting.


What a finish.

That ‘comedy’ goal

Some were not happy with Lloris.

Till halftime, Spurs were trailing by two goals at their home stadium. It will be interesting to see, who they reply to the 2 goals in the second half. Considering their attack in the first half, there will be surely some goals coming into the second half.

If Tottenham loses this game, they will move to 8th and Wolves will be the new number 7 on the table. It has been a disappointing season for Spurs fans.

What do you think, they can make it into top 4 this season?

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