Who is Ja Morant’s Sister, Teniya Morant: Height, College, Career, Net Worth and Everything You Need to Know

Teniya Morant also known as Niya is the sister of NBA’s rising star Ja Morant who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies. Niya and Ja both have a good sibling bond with each other as they often share their personal life on social media reflecting their strong relationship.

Ja also gifted Niya a white jeep Wrangler as an early birthday present. He also shared a cute video on social media capturing her reaction showing how much they care for each other. Niya has decided to follow in her brother’s footsteps by being a professional basketball player and making her own identity in this field.

Teniya Morant College and Personal Life

Niya is just 17 years old but is as hardworking as her brother. Niya has a delightful personality with 5 feet 7 inches in height, and black wavy hair, like her brother. She surely knows what suits her personality and is always a charmer while playing.


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As for her relationship status, she does have a boyfriend with whom she regularly posts on social media.

Niya Morant Career so far

Niya currently plays in her high school basketball team at Houston high school. There she also competes against Houston’s boys and has said that ‘If I can beat a boy, I can certainly beat a girl too’. Many also speculate that Niya is going through the same training as her brother and she also has the same coach that her brother had.

Niya seems serious about her career in this field and she has always mentioned that it is not just for fun. Recently her father also mentioned that he has decided to train her himself as he didn’t feel any improvement while playing at Houston. She agreed to that saying she believes in her parents and that they know better. Also, she herself admitted that she no longer enjoys playing at school.

Teniya Morant Net Worth

Teniya is still in college and her net worth is not revealed as of now. However, Niya’s brother Ja Morant earns around $8 Million annually with his NBA salary. It includes his salary at the Memphis Grizzlies which is almost $11 million and other sponsorships and endorsements. Like her brother she too aspires to be a professional basketball player and is still learning to be the best in this field.

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