Which 8 teams Eliminated from Group Stage of BGMI Showdown 2022?

Following the success of the BGMI Master Series, BGMI is organizing BGMI Showdown 2022. This event comprises two stages – Group Stage and Finals. During the group stage, the bottom 8 teams will be eliminated, and the top 16 teams will advance to the finals.

The bottom 8 teams were eliminated on the basis of cumulative points of 3 days of the game in the Group Stage. Let’s see which 8 teams were not able to advance to the next stage of this event.

Eliminated Teams in BGMI Showdown – Group Stage

Here is the list of eliminated teams that were not able to move to the BGMI Showdown – Finals.

  1. FS Esports – 75

2. UDog India – 72

3. Revenant Esports – 68

4. Team X Spark – 62

5. Reckoning Esports – 58

6. Autobotz Esports – 42

7. Team Esportswala – 40

8. Big Brother Esports – 30

The top 16 teams of the overall point table completely dominated the bottom 8 teams from the very beginning. Few teams have shown amazing gameplay and missed by a few points to advance to the next stage of the BGMI Showdown.

The team that finished in 15th position was Team Kinetic with 77 overall points. And the team that finished in 16th position was Team TSM with 77 overall points. FS Esports just missed by a few points or else made their entry into the BMSD Finals.

BGMI Showdown – Finals

The top 16 teams with the highest cumulative points after the end of the BGMI Showdown Group stage will advance to the Finals.

To know more details on teams advancing to the next stage Click Here.

Only one team will win the BGMI Showdown title and will get a chance to represent India on the global gaming platform. As a result of this match, the winner will be seeded in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational – Afterparty Showdown.

Team Soul had already made its entry into PMWI by winning BGMI Pro Series. PMWI had selected winning teams from various regions and countries and participated in one tournament. Let’s see who will be crowned as PMWI champions as well as for BGMI Showdown.

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