When Will Next Night Market (September-October 2022) Arrive In Valorant?

Next Valorant Night Market For September 2022 Dates: Valorant players are all set to receive their next set of surprises given by the developers. The dates of the night market have been leaked and it will be arriving in the month of September. Moreover, the night will market will stay for around 2 weeks.

Players will be able to buy their favorite weapon skins at a huge discount in this night market. So, let’s know when exactly the night market will come in the game for the month of September and October 2022.

Dates For Next Valorant Night Market (September-October 2022)

According to the famous leaker of the game, Mike, the night market will arrive in the last week of September. To be precise, the market will kick off from 28th September and will last for around 2 weeks. Players will be able to purchase some of the weapon skins at a heavy discount.

The night market will end on 11th October, which means, players will need to purchase the available skins before this time in order to claim the skins at a heavy discount.

Skins Available In The Night Market

Interestingly, another leaker leaked the list of bundle which might be available in the night market. So, players will receive these skins when they flip their cards.

Here is the list:

The list includes some premium skins like Reaver, Oni, Ion and Forsaken, which are loved by many players. However, it’ll be interesting to see if you get skins for your favorite weapon in the next night market or not.

How Does This Market Work In Valorant?

During the night market, players receive 6 cards on their home screen. When they flip these cards, skins and their prices are revealed. Prices of these skins are often on discount and that’s why players wait eagerly for the night market to purchase skins.

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