What Is Rank Of Kyedae In Valorant: Updated Rank In 2022

Valorant has emerged as one of the top games in recent times. As a result, many streamers have appreciated the game and made it their primary game. Kyedae is one of the Valorant streamers who is famous for her entertaining streams. So, what’s Kydeae’s rank in Valorant? Let’s know more in detail.

All You Need To Know About Valorant Streamer Kyedae: Rank And In-Game ID

Kyedae is the official content creator of the American esports organization 100 Thieves. Moreover, she was not a very skilled player in her initial days but fans appreciated her for her efforts and practice.

Once Kyedae revealed that she started playing games because of her boyfriend Tenz, who was then playing for Cloud 9 as a professional player. Tenz is one of the best Valorant players and currently plays for Sentinels.

In her initial days, Kyedae struggled a lot on the game and was not a very good player to watch. She was ranked Silver 3 in 2021 for most of the time. But she decided to improve and grinded hard on the game.

As a result, Kyedae is currently ranked Immortal 1 in Valorant which is the second-highest tier of the game after Radiant.

STORY ALERT: What Is the Kyedae’s ID And Rank In Valorant In 2022

Talking more about the initial days, Kyedae was often seen on Sage, but then she tried every other agent. Here are her ranks Act wise:

  • Episode 5, Act 2: Immortal 1(currently ongoing)
  • Episode 5, Act-1: Ascendant 3
  • Episode 4, Act-3: Diamond 2
  • Episode 4, Act-2: Diamond 1
  • Episode 4, Act-1: Diamond 3
  • Episode 3, Act-3: Unranked
  • Episode 3, Act-2: Platinum 3
  • Episode 3, Act-1: Platinum 1

Kyedae’s In-Game ID 

Players can send Kyedae a friend request by searching for her ID. However, it’s unsure that she is going to accept yours because there must be hundreds of friend quests she receive daily.

ID: Kyedae#Tnz

What Gun Kyedae Use In Valorant?

Kyedae uses mostly Vandal in Valorant. Other than that, she can be also seen using specters or Sheriff in eco rounds.

She also uses Phantom but it’s very rarely seen.

Kyedae’s Channels 

Kyedae has more than 850k subscribers on Youtube. However, that is not the platform she uses for streaming.

The 100 Thieves content creator can be seen streaming on Twitch where she has a massive fan following of more than 1.3 million followers. One can check out her channels via the links mentioned below.

Kyedae Twitch

Kyedae Youtube

One can enjoy her stream and watch her play the game. Not only that, she is also famous for her watch parties which her fans love a lot. So, one can watch Valorant esports matches on her channel too.

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