What Is The Price Of 1 Lakh UC in BGMI: Know Everything In Details

1 Lakh UC Price In BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most popular battle royale games available for mobile in India. The game was launched after the ban of another famous game PUBG Mobile in the country and in short span of time it gained massive popularity.

BGMI is not only famous for its insane game mechanics but also for the skins and items which it provides to the players. However, to add these insane items into your collection, one needs to spend Unkown cash which is also known as UC. To purchase UC, players need to spend real money or any gift cards which they have. So, let’s know more about UC and calculate what is the price of 1 Lakh UC in BGMI.

Price Of 1 Lakh UC in BGMI: Complete Procedure To Make A Payment In BGMI

UC is the only medium to make any kind of purchase in-game. Notably, BGMI also gives free coupons with the help of which players can claim skins, but the chances are very rare. However, to obtain mythic items like weapon skins or voice packs, one needs to do crate openings which are only possible with the help of UC.

Often it is seen in the live streams that, players spend more than a thousand of UC to obtain their favorite item. This also confirms that BGMI requires a lot of UC in most situations to claim those expensive mythic items.

Glacier M416 and Pharoah set are some of the most famous items in the game. However, to add them to your collection, you need a lot of UC unless you have very good luck.

So, almost every other player knows that with 1000 UC or 500 UC, one can rarely get any items or one can unlock the Battle pass from it. So, let’s now jump off to our calculations and how to buy UC.

To buy UC, one needs to spend real money from their account. The purchase can only be possible if one has net banking or UPI account or any third-party app wallet like Paytm.

Now, if you’re buying it from Codashop, then the maximum amount of UC you can buy is 6000 UC. Interestingly, when you buy 6000 UC, you’ll receive 2400 UC for free. So, you’ll get a total of 8400 UC at once. To buy this, one needs to spend Rs. 7500 from their account.

So, in order to buy 1 lakh UC in BGMI, players need to make this purchase 12 times. Furthermore, 12 times means, you’ll receive 100,800 UC in your account. One can also buy an exact 1 lakh UC in the game, but the most effective and lost cost will be this pack where one gets 8400 UC for Rs 7500.

Now, when you make your purchase 12 times, you’ll need to make the payment 12 times. This means one needs to spend Rs 90000 to buy 1 lakh UC in BGMI (you’ll receive 1 lakh 800 UC).

Spending this much amount of UC and money doesn’t make sense unless you’re earning from the game. So, make sure you use your money wisely and this article is just to provide you with information. Now, let’s have a look on how to purchase 1 lakh UC in BGMI.

How to Purchase 1 lakh UC in BGMI?

There are several methods to purchase UC in BGMI. Among all, making a purchase from Codashop is the most famous and reliable one. One can also buy UC in-game from the store section.

Here we will guide you on how to purchase UC from Codashop:

To buy UC from Codashop, make sure you have your BGMI ID which is present on your profile. Now follow these steps:

Step-1: Open the Codashop website in your web browser.

Step-2: Select BGMI

Step-3: Enter your BGMI ID and select the 6000-2400 UC plan if you’re going to buy 1 lakh UC.

Step-4: Select You payment method and click on buy now.

Now, you’ll be redirected to your payment gateway page. After successfully completing the payment, you’ll receive the UC directly into your account.

Once received you can spend them to claim your favorite BGMI items.

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