What is Killjoy Widejoy And What Are The Gifts Valorant Are Giving?

Killjoy widejoy is the famous bug in Valorant that was occurred in episode 4 of the game. In this bug, the killjoy player card was used to look much wider than usual. This bug was taken as meme material for valorant players and valorant fans.

So what is happening?? Is Valorant trying to make the killjoy character wider for the infamous meme material? Is the Infamous Widejoy back?

Widejoy Valorant 

Wide-angle memes are one of the best memes which are used to show the dominating attitude of a character. And definitely looks cool when synced with the Song for Denise. Riot has once more surprised us with their announcements like these.

Today on 1st April 2022 riot has released a killjoy widejoy trailer claiming that killjoy widejoy will be real. But this mode will be available just for yesterday as mentioned in the above video so don’t forget to play the killjoy widejoy mode. It is all about having fun and remembering the infamous bug which resulted to have infamous widejoy meme. The trailer is launched just to enjoy and celebrate April fools day.

Going back 1 year on the same date 1st, April 2022 riot made an announcement to release an April fool patch note. These patch notes contained last Brimstone smoke for at least 100 seconds. The Brimstone smokes timing was changed from 20 seconds to 100 seconds in this patch note. Phoenix can throw his curveball in any direction( In between legs too). Hence these patch notes were fake and were made to make fool out of people on April fools day.

What are the gifts valorant are giving?

However, everything in the trailer valorant is not fooling around. Valorant is giving accidental Renaissance spray as a gift for Valorant players.

Valorant players just need to log in before 8th April 2022 to avail of the spray in their collection. The motive of the spray is to denote “Lng Lives The wide Killjoy”. Killjoy definitely looks cool in the sticker and definitely looks more attractive.

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Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar
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