Valorant Roster Changes So Far In NA Region

1. 100 Thieves signed Cyrocells  from XSET 100T also benched Will at the same time.  Now, 3 of the 100 Thieves players are under 20 years of age

2. One of the best players of Valorant, Yay will be joing Cloud 9 from Optic Gaming as per reports

3. Team of Optic Gaming except, Yay and Marved might get signed by NRG.  Optic's coach Chet Singh will also be a part of the team.

4. As per reports, FunPlus Phoenix's Ardiis might join NRG.  Rest of the FPX team are linked with Navi Esports

5. Cloud 9 might be adding former Sentinels man Zellsis in their team to complete the roster C9 benched mitch and curry earlier.

6. Sentinels started their squad revamp by signing former XSET player Zekken. 

Earlier, Sentinels also announced the signing of XSET's coach SyykoNT

7. Indian team, Global Esports, announced the arrival of former XSET player Ayrin

8. The Guard's Sayaplayer might rejoin T1 to compete in the APAC region, as per the reports.

9. It is now confirmed that Sentinels IGL, Shahzam, will not be a part of the team for VCT 2023.