Cloud 9 Announce Their Valorant Roster For VCT 2023

Cloud 9 announced their roster by uploading a 3 minute long video, where we can see two new faces ion the team


Vanity will continue to IGL the Cloud 9 Valorant team. He joined the team in 2021 and helped them qualify for Valorant Champions by winning LCQ


Xeppaa has been with the Cloud 9 team since 2021 and will continue to play his initiator role in the team


Leaf joined the Cloud 9 team in January 2021 and has impressed everyone with his Jett plays


Zellsis is one of the new signings of Cloud 9. He joined from Version 1.  Interestingly, Zelssis was a part of Cloud 9 earlier, but in the CS: GO roster.


Considered as one of the best, Yay has been one of the best players of the game, that too performing on high level consistently.

Qpert will be Cloud 9's 6th man. He earlier was a part of The Guard as a assistant Coach and Team Liquid as aN aNALYST.