5 Valorant Teams From NA Region Who Failed To Secure Partnership Spot For VCT 2023

5. Faze Clan

Despite finishing 3rd in Satge-2 Challengers and in LCQ, FAZE failed to secure the spot for VCT 2023

4. Version 1

Version1 were one of the best teams from NA in 2021, finishing 2nd in Stage-2 Challenegers and played at the first International LAN

3. The Guard

The Guard is arguably one of the top teams from North America.  The team dominated in the Stage-1 NA challengers to win the event against Optic gaming.  Moreover, they were also the runner-up in the NA LCQ. Still, they will not be playing in VCT 2023.


XSET won the Stage-2  NA challengers ahead of Optic Gaming and finished 5th-6th at Champions 2022.


Optic Gaming has been consistently representing the North American region at the International stage On both the Stages, Optic finished as runner-up and featured in the Masters

They eventually won the Stage-1 Masters in Reykjavík and finished 3rd in Copenhagen. They also were runner up of Champions 2022 Despite putting these good performances consistently, both on the international stage and in the NA region, Optic failed to secure the spot for VCT 2023