5 Things You Should Know About Valorant's New Agent- Mage

5. The Agent is going to be from India. Earlier, Valorant leaked about the agent in a pic, with Chai Samosa, which is an Indian snack.

Then again, Valorant teased with a small video where Killjoy was seen decoding the new agent's location, which was again India.

4. The addition of the new agent will take the count of Valorant's agent to 21.

The last agent to get added in Valorant was Turkish agent Fade

Earhlier codenamed Mage, his official name is now revealed which is Harbour.

2.Mage is going to be a controller agent in the game. Moreover, he will have the ability to use water.

It'll be interesting how her abilities work in the game. The last controller to get added in the game was Astra

1. The official release date has not been revealed yet, but he is expected to get added in the game in the next ACT, which is a few weeks away.