WATCH: Valorant New Agent Fade Leaked Images And First Look Here

Valorant Agent Fade Leaked Images And First Look: Valorant is all set to introduce their new initiator agent named Fade. Moreover, the images of Fade have now been leaked ahead of the cinematic release of the agent. The female is going to be the new addition to the agent roster coming from Turkey and have some insane and new abilities.

But before that, let’s have a look on the images leaked of the new agent.

Watch Here Leaked Images And First Look Of Fade, New Agent Of Valorant

Twitter page named Valorant updates, which is a reliable source for upcoming updates of Valorant posted few images of the new agent Fade. Furthermore, a total of two sets were released by the Twitter page, naming the source as ChowZ Channel.

In the image, Fade can be seen using her abilities and with a fearless look. Notably, one of her abilities named Prowler seems to be visible in the image and a snake like image comes out from her hand.

The look is not very much similar to Reyna, but it is somewhere similar. But there are huge differences between the two as Fade is an initiator with very different abilities and Reyna is a duelist.

Not to forget, Reyna is from Mexico, whereas Fade is from Turkey.

Release Date of The New Agent

The ongoing Act will end in 9 days and we expect a new patch to be released after this. Most of the agents in the past have been released in a similar fashion except for the Chamber who was delayed and was released in between an Act.

Agents like Yoru, Astra, and KAYO, all were launched before a new Act and we expect the same for Fade.

So, if everything goes well, we’ll have our new initiator in the looby in the upcoming Act which will release next week.

Fade Announced At VCT Masters

the arrival of the new agent was confirmed at the VCT Masters on the 18th April, confirming all the rumors. Here is the official new look.

You can also read about Fade’s ability from the link mentioned below.

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