WATCH: Image of Pakistani Fan Urging for Virat Kohli Century in Pakistan Goes Viral

Cricket fans are known to be the most emotional and most devoted towards their players. It is just a fan who makes a common person a star and it is just a fan who makes a legend to bend down on his knees. Recently, a Pakistani fan was seen cheering for Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli during the PSL matches.

Cricket fans are scattered all around the globe it was not just to support their country team but they also love to watch other nations’ players. As with many legends, Virat Kohli has a mass fan following in the world. Kohli fans are seen doing extraordinary for their favorite star player. In recent times, a picture of a Pakistani fan urging for Kohli’s century went viral.

Pakistani Fan Cheering For Virat Kohli

Pakistan is the biggest arc rival of India when it comes to the term cricket. Despite being a rival country Kohli fans are still there and support him without any hesitation. As a mass fan following an incident went viral where a Pakistani fan showed a picture of Virat Kohli and urged him for a century during a match in the Pakistan Superleague.

Kohli’s century has been due for a long and it is his fans who pray for his century in every match he played. However, Kohli never played in Pakistan, his fan following is crazy among the people of Pakistan.

Kohli Stats Against Pakistan

Kohli who has outstanding stats against Pakistan in Internation matches the Pakistani fans still loves to watch him. Here are some of the famous knocks of Virat Kohli against Pakistan,

Date Versus Ground Batting Bowling Fielding Keeping Age
Runs Aggr Avg Wkts Aggr Avg Ca Agg Ca St Agg
1 26/09/2009 Pakistan SuperSport Park 16 16 16.00 0/21 0 1 1 20 years 325 days
2 19/06/2010 Pakistan Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium 18 34 17.00 0 1 2 21 years 226 days
3 30/03/2011 Pakistan Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium 9 43 14.33 0 1 3 22 years 145 days
4 18/03/2012 Pakistan Shere Bangla National Stadium 183 226 56.50 0 2 5 23 years 134 days
5 30/12/2012 Pakistan MA Chidambaram Stadium 0 226 45.20 0/21 0 5 24 years 55 days
6 03/01/2013 Pakistan Eden Gardens 6 232 38.67 0 5 24 years 59 days
7 06/01/2013 Pakistan Arun Jaitley Stadium 7 239 34.14 0 5 24 years 62 days
8 15/06/2013 Pakistan Edgbaston 22* 261 37.29 0/11 0 1 6 24 years 222 days
9 01/03/2014 Pakistan Shere Bangla National Stadium 5 266 33.25 0 6 25 years 116 days
10 15/02/2015 Pakistan Adelaide Oval 107 373 41.44 0 1 7 26 years 102 days
11 04/06/2017 Pakistan Edgbaston 81* 454 50.44 0 7 28 years 211 days
12 18/06/2017 Pakistan Kennington Oval 5 459 45.90 0 7 28 years 225 days
13 16/06/2019 Pakistan Old Trafford 77 536 48.73 0 7 30 years 223 days


The legend of the game Virat Kohli who scored a century in almost every International cricket ground is still to have a big score in Pakistan. It is because India has never visited Pakistan to play a cricket match since 2007. Despite being all the odds Kohli’s Pakistani fans are still waiting for him to play a cricket match in Pakistan, and might there be a possibility that India tour Pakistan but this will take many years to become true.

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Tauqeer Belal
Tauqeer Belal
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