WATCH: 100 Thieves Trolls Valorant Developers For Undercity Bundle In A Unique Way

Valorant has gained massive popularity since its release in 2020. The developers of the game received appreciation not only for the game mechanics but also for other factors like skins and maps. And now, after the release of the new Undercity bundle, fans do not seem to be very happy. Esports organization 100 Thieves have now trolled Valorant devs for the Undercity skin.

100 Thieves Twitter Trolls Valorant For Undercity Valorant

There were not very much appreciation when Valorant released their new bundle named Undercity. According to fans, the skin was similar to previously launched skin called glitchpop and only the 3-D effect was different.

100 Thieves Esports page took to Twitter and trolled the new bundle in a very unique way. Watch the post:

As we can see, the caption says ‘new Phantom skin in Valorant goes hard’. 

Here the new skin is to be Undercity bundle, but the gun in the video is glitchpop. In this way, 100 Thieves also accepted the fact that the new Undercity skin is all similar to Glitchpop.

Undercity Valorant is the latest bundle of Valorant and players can add the bundle into their collection by spending 7100 Valorant points. Considering the fact that the skin has nothing new and no animation, many are hesitating to spend such a massive amount on the skin.

100T In Valorant Champions Tour 2022

After making two new additions to the team; BabyJ and ec1s, 100 Thieves played their first game of VCT Challengers Group stage last week against Cloud 9. The team lost 2-0 and will be up against The Guard in the next match on Feb 21.

100 Thieves are one of the four teams, that were invited directly to the Challengers in VCT NA region. Other than 100 Thieves, Sentinels, Envy and Cloud 9 are the teams who were invited directly to the Challengers.

If 100 Thieves manages to get past the group stages by finishing in the top 4, they will be playing in the Challengers finals.

What are your thoughts on the new Undercity skin in Valorant?

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