VCT Masters Reykjavík 2022 Stage-1 Prize Pool And Circuit Points Distributions

VCT Masters Reykjavík Prize Money And Circuit Points: The first stage of the Valorant Champions Tour came to an end on 24th April. North American team Optic Gaming won the tournament and secured whopping prize money along with some massive circuit points. On the other hand teams like Zeta division, Loud and Paper Rex also collected some huge circuit points from the tournament.

Circuit points play a crucial role in qualifying for the Champions which will be held after the Stage-2 Masters. Every team participating in the VCT masters Reykjavík secured some circuit points for themselves. Let’s have a look.

Prize Pool And Circuit Points Distributions After VCT Masters 2022 Stage-1

Every team who qualified for the main event from the playoffs or directly were rewarded at least 200 circuit points. Moreover, FunPlus Pheonix, who failed to travel to Iceland due to travel restrictions despite winning the EMEA Challengers were rewarded 200 circuit points.

Here is the distribution of circuit points:

  • KRÜ Esports: 125 Points
  • Fnatic: 125 Points
  • XERXIA Esports: 150 points
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas: 150 points

All the four teams mentioned above were eliminated from the play-offs. Kru Esports and Fnatic failed to win any of the matches, whereas Xerxia and Ninja in Pyjamas won 1 match but failed to qualify for the main event.

8th: FunPlus Phoenix: 200 points

7th-8th: Team Liquid: 200 points

Team Liquid VCT

7th-8th: The Guard: 200 points

5th-6th: DRX: 250 points

5th-6th: G2 Esports: 250 points

4th: Paper Rex: 300 points

3rd: Zeta Division: 400 points

2nd: LOUD: 500 Points

1st: Optic Gaming: 750 Points

Prize Money

Optic Gaming winning moments

The total prize money for the tournament was $650,000 USD. Moreover, the winner secured $200,000 whereas the minimum was $10,000 given to the teams who didn’t win even 1 match in the playoffs.

  • KRÜ Esports: $10,000
  • Fnatic: $10,000
  • XERXIA Esports: $15,000
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas: $15,000

8th: FunPlus Phoenix: $25,000

7th-8th: Team Liquid: $25,000

7th-8th: The Guard: $25,000

5th-6th: DRX: $40,000

5th-6th: G2 Esports: $40,000

4th: Paper Rex: $65,000

3rd: Zeta Division: $85,000

2nd:LOUD :$120,000

1st: Optic Gaming: $200,000

Now, stage-1 of VCT Masters has ended and now teams will be preparing for Stage-2. Big names like Sentinels, Acend, and Gambit(now called M3 Champions) were absent from the tournament.

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