Valorant Undercity Bundle: Review, Weapon Skins, Price And Release Date

Valorant is not only famous for its unique game mechanics, but its developers try their very best to introduce some cool skins to the players. But this time, it seems like they failed to come on the expectations as the new skin of Valorant, which is Undercity bundle hasn’t impressed many.

The preview of skins were leaked yesterday on social media. After that, players shared their views and compared the skin with another previously launched skin. So, let’s dive deeper and know more about the skins.

Everything You Need To Know About Valorant Undercity Bundle: Release Date And Price

The most surprising thing, which came out about the skin was it had no animation. Yes, you heard it right, Valorant released another skin that has no animation and this is not seen often.

The impressive thing about the skin was its 3D effect. Many speculate that the lady in the effect might be the new agent. However, the design of the weapon skins is almost similar to glitch pop skin which was released earlier in the game. Apart from the 3D effect and the animation, there’s nothing that sets the bundle apart from Glitchop.

Valorant Undecity Weapon Skins

Players will receive a total of 4 weapon skins, melee skin, and some other items like a player card if they purchase the bundle. Moreover, the melee stole the show but it was not a unique melee too.

The melee has 2 knives and both of them are from Glitchpop, with Sovereign skin animation. So, it looks like, Valorant has tried something to recreated with the old touch. Here is the list of weapon skins:

  • Phantom
  • Classic
  • Judge
  • Bulldog
  • Melee

Price And Release Date Of Undercity Skins

The Undercity bundle skin will be replacing Tigris skin in the store. The Tigris bundle will be unavailable from the store from 15th February, this means players will be able to purchase Undercity skins from February 16th or 17th.

Even if there are no animation or anything unique on the skins, one needs to spend around 7100 Valorant points to purchase the bundle. Players can also buy one or two skins from the store for 1775 Valorant points each. However, the melee will cost 3550 Valorant points.

The aforementioned price are not made official but are expected to be this.

So, what are your views on the new Undercity bundle skins of Valorant, drop your views in the comment section below.

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