Valorant To Award Circuit Points And Prize Money To FunPlus Phoenix (FPX): Full Details Here

FPX Circuit Points: FPX recently cruised their way to a first-place finish in EMEA Challengers but were disqualified from Masters Reykjavik 2022 due to their inability to field the minimum number of rostered players for the live event in Reyjavik. The team was unable to travel due to their travel restrictions in Russia and Ukraine. Also, Adriis is in the recovery stage from covid 19.

FPX Circuit Points And Prize Money

Riot has decided to award FunPlus phoenix 8th place in the tournament. Riot will award FunPlus phoenix 200 circuit points and $25, 000 as the 8th position prize money. They have also announced that the replacing team which is Team Liquid will receive full points and prize money according to their placement in Masters Reykjavik 2022.

As a result of this replacement Team Liquid will not get 55 circuit points previously awarded to them for achieving the 4th position in the tournament. VCT Masters will start on the 10th of April.

Is it the first time any team has not been able to make it due to travel restrictions?

The answer to this situation is clearly no. The ongoing situation of covid 19 has breached the backbone of the flexible rules of international traveling. The same situation as FunPlus Phoenix arose for Bren Esports for the Masters’ Berlin. The SEA Region winning team was unable to travel to their dream tournament due to being unable to provide player visas on time.

This was happened due to covid restrictions which made the players’ visa process more difficult. The team Bren Esports was awarded 175 VCT points and to award the decided prize money for qualifying for masters berlin.

Nevertheless, Professional players and associates of Valorant have shown their deep condolence for the situation faced by FunPlus Phoenix. Some of the big names confronted the situation such as Dapr and Nadeshot. It is the second time a situation like this has arrived in valorant which has left their millions of fans heartbroken.

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Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar
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