Valorant Team Ace Skins Bundle: Release Date, Weapon Skins, Animation And Price

Valorant Team Ace Skins: Just after a few days of releasing Gaia’s Vengeance, Valorant has teased the upcoming bundle skins of the game. The next bundle is named Team Ace and it is based on Duelist agents. Earlier, Valorant has released skins based on agents in Valorant Go Volume, but this time, the agents are duelists.

However, it is too early to predict anything about the skins as there is a minimum of 2 weeks until the bundle arrives in the Valorant store. But, here we are with all the details you must know about it, including the expected price range, animation, and release date of the Team Ace bundle.

All You Need To Know About Valorant Team Ace Skins: Weapon Skins And Gun Animation

As per the tradition, Valorant releases a new set of bundle skins every 14 or 20 days. Moreover, this time we have Gaia’s Vengeance bundle live in the store as of now. However, it will end in the upcoming few days and will be replaced by Team Ace Bundle.

The skins in the bundle look simple and are made for agents’ signatures. So, let’s have a look at the weapons skins available in the Team Ace bundle and for which agent they are:

  1. Frenzy: In the pistol category, we have Frenzy which has the image of Yoru on it.

2. Judge” Raze can be seen on the Judge.

3. Phantom: Phoneix with his fire in on Phantom

4. Vandal: Mexican agent Reyna can be seen on Vandal

5. Operator: Without a doubt, Jett is on Operator

This is one of the rare bundles where we have both phantom and Vandal along with the operator. However, to make things balance, the melee has been missing from the bundle.

Also, players will receive players’ cards for all the duelists, if they buy the whole bundle.

There are no animation in the Team Ace bundle. But, one can see small fire-like things coming out of the agent present on the skin. However, there are no-kill animation or any other upgrades available for the bundle.

Team Ace Bundle Release date And Price

Considering the weapons available and no upgrades in the gun, we might expect the bundle to range around 5100 Valorant points. However, Valorant can also keep it into the 7100 VP category because of Vandal, Phantom, and Operator available in it, it’ll become too expensive to buy.

So, as of now, the price is not confirmed yet, but it will be interesting to see, what is it’s price range.

The bundle will be available once Gaia’S Vengeance skins time period is over. So most likely, one can purchase Team Ace Bundle from the Valorant store from the 3rd week of March.

Gaia Vengeance bundle is going to end on 16th March, which means, players will be able to make a purchase for Team Ace bundle from 17th March.

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