Valorant Servers To Be Under Maintenance Today(August) for 5.03 Update, Know When The Servers Will Be Back In USA, Canada, India, Philippines And In Other Regions

Valorant Servers Maintenance Today: Valorant is all set to roll out its 5.03 update and for the same reason, players might be able to play the game for a certain amount of time. As informed by the game itself via an in-game message, the Valorant servers will be down on 9th August (10th August for many Asian countries including India) from 02:00 PM PDT.

So, let’s know more about the update and find out when the game will be back.

Know When The Valorant Servers Will Be Back From Maintenance Today And How Long It Is

Valorant Servers will be unavailable from 02:00 PM PDT on 9th August as mentioned above. Moreover, it’ll be because of the 5.03 update which will be released on the same date.

During the servers are under maintenance, players won’t be able to play or even open the game. Not to forget, in the previous maintenance, Valorant closes the Competetive queue a few hours earlier, and if they do the same, it’ll not be a surprise for many.

Now, this was all about the server under maintenance. So, when it’ll come back, and when players will be able to play in the new updates.

According to the same message which is currently appearing on the Home Screen of Valorant on the left top, the servers will be down for around 6 hours. However, this isn’t fixed, as in many cases, the maintenance lasts longer than this or even shorter.

So, it’s an estimated time released by the officials. Now, let’s know when the servers will be back in your region according to the time region:

  • India: Servers to be back at around 08:30 AM
  • USA: Servers to be back at around 11:00 PM
  • United Kingdom: Servers to be back at around 03:00 AM
  • Canada: Servers to be back at around 11:00 PM
  • Australia: Servers to be back at around 01:00 PM
  • Germany: Servers to be back at around 05:00 AM
  • Philippines: Servers to be back at around 11:00 AM
  • Indonesia: Servers to be back at around 10:00 AM

Note: These are estimated times, according to the six-hour time frame which Valorant mentioned in the Servers Maintenance notice. 

5.03 Update will bring several other changes to the game and will also introduce the much-awaited Reaver 2.0 skins in the game.

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