Valorant Releases Real Life Advertisements In Turkey To Promote New Agent Of The Game

Valorant’s New Agent From Turkey: Valorant is taking massive steps in order to promote its game. Recently, a poster was seen in Turkey with the Valorant name on it along with ‘Cok Yakinda’ written on it. Moreover, the translation of the words means coming soon, which definitely hints toward the upcoming agent.

Notably, the poster was spotted in Turkey and the origin of the upcoming agent named BountyHunter is also in Turkey. ‘Coming Soon’ poster in Turkey almost confirms the arrival of the next agent. But when?

Valorant Advertisements Spotted For New Agent On The Streets Of Turkey

This is the first time that the game has done something like this, in order to promote something new. However, this step looks pretty cool as most of the general people are not very much familiar with it. Also, it can be taken as a leak for Valorant players who are eagerly waiting for the next agent.

Bounty Hunter is going to be an initiator in the game and is expected to release in the next Act. Recently, the 4.07 patch was released and nothing was revealed. However, Valorant has mostly introduced a new agent or a new map in the start of a new Act and the situation looks similar here.

BountyHunter Other Leaks And Abilities

As seen in poster, the agent’s color looks like to be black. Moreover, in the recent battle pass, there’s a player card where an unknown character with the same aura and a cap can be seen.

Valorant has done this earlier and have teased agents in player cards. Before the release of Chamber, they released a player card, where Jett was seen trapped in Chamber’s ability.

So, it’s not something new from Valorant to tease with this kind of leak.

Talking about the abilities, it has very unique abilities, and just like any other agent has 4 of them. Named as Haunt, Seize, Prowler, and Night Fall, the new initiator will surely be an interesting one to play.

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