Valorant Next Prime Reward Dance Of Luck Buddy: Know How To Claim It

Valorant Prime is back with its rewards and the players can claim a gun buddy this time. Prime Gaming rewards for this month can be claimed by users from the official website. For this month, Valorant players can claim Dance of Luck buddy from their prime accounts.

Every month, Prime Gaming releases a free reward for its players. Last month, the game released a weapon skin of shorty. So, let’s see what we have for this month and how to claim it.

Valorant Dance Of Luck Buddy Prime Reward

Prime gaming is one of the best ways to claim free rewards in Valorant. Furthermore, players can watch streams of their favorite players and receive some exciting new items.

Gun Buddy is an ornament that players can use on their guns and make them look better. Players receive similar free rewards from Battle pass, but they have to pay a minim of 1000 Valorant points to unlock it.

For this month, players can claim Dance of Luck Buddy from their Prime gaming account. So, let’s have a look on how to claim it for free.

First one needs to connect their twitch account with Prime Gaming. Follow these steps to do so.

Step-1: Login to Twitch

Step-2: Go to the connection page in settings and select Riot ID from there. Make sure you are linking the ID that you use to play regularly, the rewards will be sent in that account only.

Step-3: Click on Connect button and then press Authorize.

Once done, one can open the inventory section and claim these rewards from there. The rewards will be directly sent into one’s account.

Make sure to check your inventory every month, as Prime Gaming drops these rewards every month for its players.

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