All You Need To Know About Valorant Endeavour Bundle: Release Date, Price, Animation and Weapons

Valorant Endeavour Bundle Release Date, Weapons And Price: Valorant has never disappointed its users in terms of providing new bundles with a variety of skins. With the update of its latest patch 4.05, Valorant introduced a new bundle of skins namely the ‘ENDEAVOUR BUNDLE’.  

This bundle is somewhat based on space and the initial build of this bundle gives its players an intuition that the weapons are covered in spacesuits. Endeavour variant of skins will hopefully barge in a number of users buying it.

Valorant Endeavour Bundle Release Date, Weapons And Price

After the release of the patch the skin is expected to go live from the  following dates and  during the following time mentioned below:

  • North America: 30th March  2:00 PM PST
  • Europe: 30th March 4:00 PM PST
  • Southeast Asia: 31st March 2:30 AM IST

The whole bundle costs around 2,930 VP which include various skins and the cost of each individual skin is 875 VP.

The various skins on this bundle is quite attractive and it’s the major reason for it to have a great number of buyers. The weapons on this bundle includes

  •  ARES

As mentioned earlier each of these skin are available individually as well as in a bundle of a whole.

Does Endeavour Skins Have Animations?

Riot and Valorant have always attracted its players with a variety of skins. One of the key features that a user checks is the different types of animations used within the game.

One of the major drawback that this bundle of skins might see is the absence of animations within the game. Apart from this, the leaks ensure that there are no variants, levels, or finishers but it also mentions that the skin is of a select skin tier.

valorant gaia skins

Valorant has also released various skins and bundles in its past without animation. For eg: Tigris bundle, K-TAC Vandal (battle pass), and the most recent one Team Ace. But it even then had a quite good response. Therefore, it will be seen in the coming time whether the Endeavour variant will be eye-catching for its players or not.

Overall this bundle of skins seems to be very attractive for its players resulting in a lot of players buying it after its release.

Apart from the skin bundle, the new patch has even brought some updates in agents like Brimstone. It has also fixed some known issues and fixed some particular bugs in the game as competitive, social, and bugs present in the agents.

The innovative and distinguishing nature of every new skin or bundle launched proves that various attractive skins will be kept before the players in the near future.

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