Valorant Chronovoid Bundle: Release Date, Weapon Skins, Price, Animation And Everything You Need To Know

Valorant fans are all set to get witness the new bundle of skins in the Valorant store. Named Chronovoid, the new bundle will be replacing the Champions bundle in the Valorant store. Interestingly, it has skins of both rifles i.e, Phantom and Vandal.

So, let’s give a look on the bundle and know more details about it.

All You Need To Know About Valorant Bundle Chronovoid

Chronovoid is going to be the next set of bundle skins and it’ll be available in four different variants. Moreover, the skin has several weapon skins including both rifles and melee. Notably, this might be one of the reasons why the price of the bundle might be higher than usual.

Another interesting thing about the bundle is its kill animation. Yes, the color of the kill animation changes according to the variant players will set. Sounds something exciting and new, right?

Weapon Skins And Cards

Players purchasing the bundle will receive a total of 5 weapon skins including the melee. The bundle has Phantom, Vandal, Sheriff, Melee, and Bulldog.

It’ll be available in four different variants and players will be able to change the color by unlocking them with the help of radianite.

The Chronovoid bundle will also have a playercard, a maze spray, and a gunbuddy.

Price, Kill Animation And Release Date

As the Chronovoid bundle has both rifles, which is very rare, the price of the bundle is a little higher. According to reports, the bundle will be available at around 8900 Valorant points. Considering, it has different kill animations and has melee, Vandal, and Phantom, many might consider it buying.

The bundle will be replacing the Champions bundle from the Valorant store and will be available from 22nd September for Asian users and 21st September for US users.

Here is the kill animation of the weapons:

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