Valorant 5.03 Patch Notes And Updates: Chamber, Jett, Neon Agent Changes Explained

Valorant has now released the much-awaited 5.03 patch notes which bring several changes to the game and mostly to the agents. Moreover, the agents which are getting nerfed or buffed in the update are one of the favorites; Jett, Chamber, and Neon.

However, Jett’s changes are not something big, whereas Neon and Chamber players will see major differences from here on.

Chamber, Jett, Neon Changes Explained After 5.03 Valorant Patch Notes

According to the patch notes, Chamber and Neon will be receiving several changes including their Ultimate. So, let’s have a look.


Chamber’s trademark slow ability has taken a hit on both, Ultimate and his traps, abilities. Furthermore, the time has been reduced to 6 seconds from 9.5 seconds.


Also, the bullet cost for his pistol has been increased by 50 creds. Not to forget, now players will require 8 ultimate points in order to get that special Operator.

According to many this a major nerf, that will surely give a hit in the agents’ selection.


Just like Chamber, Neon has also some changes in her ultimate ability. However, there are both buffs and nerfs. On one hand, the damage of her ultimate has decreased, then on the other, the range has been increased.

However, the leg damage multiplier has reduced to 0.85 just like Chamber and Jett.


Jett has only one change, that too in her ultimate ability. The leg damage multiplier has been decreased to 0.85 from 1, just like Chamber and Neon.

Other Changes From The 5.03 Valorant Update

There are also some other changes and bug fixes in the 5.03 patch notes. Let’s have a look:


  • Fixed an issue with Jett’s Tailwind where switching weapons in the middle of the dash would cause the weapon pull out animation to take longer than desired.
  • Fixed a bug where some Reyna/Killjoy HUD elements were still visible after enabling Hide User Interface.
  • Fixed a bug where defuse animation wouldn’t consistently play if the orb is tapped in rapid succession.
  • Changing crosshair opacity settings in-game causes crosshair preview visual to flicker
  • Spike Announcements UI displaying incorrectly

Gameplay Updates

  • Added ability to change “Ghost” keybind outside of Custom Games
  • Agent Browser visual design refresh

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