Val 136 Connection Error in Valorant: Know Why It Occurs And How To Avoid And Fix It

VAL 136 Connection Error In Valorant: Valorant has been one of the most entertaining and reliable games since its launch. The game has done well when it comes to giving users hacker free and good competition in the game. However, the developers have somewhat failed to keep the errors away from the game.

Recently, many users havecome across a new error code in Valorant which is Val 136. The error either prevents gamers to open the game or sometimes even the game crashes because of it. Many players have reported that they have lost a game due to this and were banned for leaving the game in between. So, let’s know more in detail about the VAL 136 error of Valorant and how to fix it.

What Is Val 136 ‘Connection Error’ Error In Valorant?

Val 136 is an error in Valorant which crashes the Riot client and the game gets shut down. Moreover, this also prevents users to open the game. Interestingly, this is not because of users’ internet issue or anything from the users end. But this might be an issue from the server.

Notably, Valorant acknowledged similar issues in the past but didn’t reveal the exact code. The Val 136 error might be caused due to server issues in the game or due to any bug.

How To Fix Val 136 ‘Connection Error’

The good thing about the error is it doesn’t lets players to suffer for a very long time and can be fixed after restart. So, in many cases the error gets fixed when your restart the Riot client or your PC. Here are some methods to fix the Val 136 error in Valorant:

Method-1: Restart The Riot Client Or Your PC

Restarting the Riot client has worked for several users. So, when the error code pops up on your screen, just close the client and restart it.

If it doesn’t work, then try restartying the PC. In 90% this will be fixed.

Method-2: Change The Network

Sometimes this might be due to your network even if it has high internet. So, try changing the network setting and this might work.

Method-3: Unistall The Riot Vanguard

Sova nerf

If nothing works, then you might need to uninstall the Riot Vanguard at the end in order to fix it. However, make sure to use this method at the very end. Follow these steps to uninstall the Riot Vanguard:

  • Step-1: Go to my PC
  • Step-2: Click on Uninstall or change a program present on top of the bar
  • Step-3: Scroll down or search for Riot Vanguard
  • Step-4: Uninstall

Note: Make sure to uninstall the Riot Vanguard and not the Riot client

Once you have installed the Riot Vanguard, restart the Riot client. This way now Riot Vanguard will be automatically installed and the Val 136 error will be fixed.

By following these methods, the connection error of Valorant will be fixed and you’ll be able to enjoy the game again.

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