UMP vs M416, Better Gun for Every Combat in BGMI For Rank Push

The sudden increase in power of UMP45 makes players prefer it in every battle. Professional BGMI players and many YouTubers emphasize UMP over other guns. The UMP45 is an SMG (Sub Machine Gun) equipped with 0.45mm bullets while the M416 is an AR(Assault Rifle) equipped with 5.56mm bullets.

In the rising era of mobile gaming, BGMI holds the top position in India. After introducing Esports Roadmap 2022 by Krafton, players are practicing day and night. To perform their best players have to choose weapons wisely.

UMP vs M416, What To Choose In BGMI For Rank Push?

In recent times it became a topic of argument, whether to pick UMP or M416. So, let’s have look at what are the advantages and disadvantages, of both the gun posses and what one should prefer.

1. Damage & Range

Surprisingly both UMP and M416 possess the same base damage, i.e., 43HP. Having base damage above 40HP is considered good to use. But base damage alone cannot decide whether it is best for every combat or not.

M416 has a bullet speed of 780m/s and UMP has a bullet speed of 400m/s. Because of its lower speed, UMP has a range of 500m whereas M416 bullets can reach up to 1000m.

2. Rate of Fire & DPS (Damage Per Second)

In terms of the rate of fire, M416 leads with 850 rounds per minute whereas UMP has a rate of fire of 650 rounds per minute. M416 can shoot 14 bullets per second and UMP shoots 11 bullets per second. The conclusion is that M416 deals with higher damage per second than UMP, as M416 DPS is 502 and UMP DPS is 490.

3. Recoil

The stability of the UMP45 makes it more effective at close range. UMP has an upward recoil of 0.2, whereas M416 has an upward recoil of 0.4. Making it difficult to control recoil efficiently even though having higher damage per second than UMP45.

4. Reload

M416 has a slightly faster tactical reload time (bullets left) of 2.1 seconds than UMP45, as it has a tactical reload time of 2.25s. M416 also has a much faster empty reload time of 2.6s, and UMP45 has an empty reload time of 2.73s.

Note: Reload time mentioned above are without using any attachments

5. Disadvantages

Talking about weapons, we cannot just go on with advantages only. There are a few disadvantages of UMP45 and M416 to know these in more detail.

  • Damage drop-off UMP45 starts at 20m, which is not suitable for mid-range combats.
  • UMP45 can go up to a distance of 480m only.
  • Slightly unstable without all attachments.


The UPM 45 and M416 are both equipped with impressive specifications and contain enough ammunition to eliminate all enemies in one round.

Talking about taking enemies down, M416 works for all ranges counting from close to long-range. And due to the lower bullet speed of UMP, it is not suitable for mid to long-range fights. But UMP45 is better for close-range combats because of its DPS and stability.

Also, using UMP45 gives you the advantage of picking up more ammo than M416. As 0.45mm ammo takes less space than 5.56mm bullets. So by creating extra space you can carry other tactical items like grenades or boosters.

We hope you now have a better understanding of the differences between UMP and M416, and which gun you will prefer on the BGMI battlefield.

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