UMP vs AKM, Better Gun for Close Combat in BGMI For Rank Push

With a new game, comes a new meta. And now, you must have noticed, many professional BGMI players using UMP in close range over AKM. UMP45 is an SMG(Sub Machine Gun) that uses 0.45mm bullets & AKM is an AR(Assault Rifles) that uses 7.62mm bullets.

As we all know our favorite battle royal PUBG mobile is now BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), offered by KRAFTON Inc. Many players have already transferred their PUBG Id into BGMI. BGMI is technically the Indian version of PUBG mobile.

UMP vs AKM, what to choose in BGMI for rank push?

So, let’s have look at what are the advantages and disadvantages, both the gun posses and what one should prefer.

1. Damage


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UMP45 has a base damage of 43HP whereas AKM has a base damage of 47HP. (AKM has higher base damage than UMP45, but the below-mentioned points will let know which one is better in every aspect)

2. Rate of Fire & DPS (Damage Per Second)

UMP45 has a faster fire rate is 650rpm. It can shoot 11.5 bullets per second, concluding that UMP45 deals higher DPS(Damage Per Second) than AKM, as AKM’s fire rate is 600rpm. UMP45’s DPS is 492 while AKM’s DPS is 470.

3. Recoil


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UMP45 is proved to be more effective in close range because of its stability. UMP45 has an upward recoil of 0.2, whereas AKM has an upward recoil of 0.7, creating difficulties in recoil control even though having higher base damage than UMP45.

4. Reload

UMP45 has a slightly faster tactical reload time (bullets left) of 2.25seconds than AKM, as it has a tactical reload time of 2.65s.

UMP45 also has a much faster empty reload time of 2.73s, and AKM has an empty reload time of 3.37s.

Note: Reload time mentioned above are without using any attachments

5. Disadvantages

Talking about weapons, we cannot just go on with advantages only. There are a few disadvantages of UMP45 and AKM to know them in more detail.

  • Damage drop-off UMP45 starts at 20m, which is not suitable for mid-range combats.
  • UMP45 can go up to a distance of 480m only.
  • AKM has a lower bullet speed than many other guns.
  • AKM has only 2 firing modes(Single, Auto).


Both UPM45 and AKM have outstanding specifications and contain enough caliber to take down all your enemies in a single round.

Taking about killing AKM works much better than UMP45, as it holds higher base damage and less damage drop-off only if can control AKM’s damage. But, if you want a stable gun then you can go with UPM45.

Also, using UMP45 will help you carry more ammo as 7.62mm ammo takes a lot more space than 0.45mm ammo. By using UMP45, you will be making more space to carry other items or carry more 5.56mm ammo because while spraying, you’ll need more ammo.

So, we hope, now you have a clear idea about UMP vs AKM and in the BGMI battlefield, what gun you’re going to prefer.

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