UCL Final Between Real Madrid And Liverpool Gets Delayed, Know Why

Know Why UCL Final Got Delayed: One of the biggest events in the history of football is without a doubt the finals of the UEFA Champions League. Two of the best teams of the season from Europe compete against each other after battling for more than 8 months on different stages.

Liverpool and Real Madrid qualified for the UCL 2022 Finals. Moreover, the final game is all set to kick off in Parc des France. But the final of the UCL final was delayed by 15 minutes.

Know Why The UCL Finals Between Liverpool And Real Madrid Got Delayed?

According to reports, the finals is all set to be kicked off with a delay of 15 minutes. The delay is caused due to security reasons at the stadium. Furthermore, it has been reported that several fans are entering the stadium without having a ticket.

Due to this, security are facing tough challenges to deal with people. As a result, the match will kick off with a delay of 15 minutes.

Hopefully, the security of Parc des France will clear the intervention caused by fans and we’ll have a good match ahead.

Liverpool And Real Madrid At Finals

This is the second time in the last 5 years that Liverpool and Real Madrid are facing each other in a UCL final. Both the teams last met in the 2018 UEFA Champions League finals where Real Madrid clinched the trophy.

Liverpool have the opportunity to take the revenge on Real Madrid this time and they also have the momentum with them. Whereas on the other hand, Real Madrid have made their way all the way into the finals with some serious comebacks and defeating some strong teams.

It’ll be interesting to watch the battle between both the European giants and who will come on top this time.

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