Twitter Goes Crazy With Reactions As Trade Of James Harden To Philadelphia 76ers Becomes Viral: Know The Complete Deal Here

After so much of drama, finally, the trade is now going to happen. As per sources, James Harden is getting traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. Ben Simmons also finally got his deal, as he will now leave 76ers for the Nets. Among all this, Twitter exploded with reactions as the Harden trade was announced.

Not only fans, but many other celebrities including 76ers star man this season Joel Embiid took to Twiter to share his reaction. So, without wasting time, let’s see how the trade went.

James Harden To 76ers, Ben Simmons To Nets: Know Everything And Twitter Reactions on the Trade

Earlier, several reports claimed that James Harden was not happy at Brooklyn Nets. Furthermore, the absence of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving made Harden carry the Nets.

Nets are currently on a 9 game losing streak and are on 8th. 

On the other hand, Ben Simmons failed to appear in any of the games for the 76ers because of his poor performance and reaction from the playoffs game last season. Simmons refused to play for 76ers and was sidelined for the whole season.

Now, he will be teaming up with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for the rest of the season. On the other hand, it will be interesting to see how Harden will team up with Joel Embiid who is impressing everyone with his performance.

So, now let’s have a look at some of the best tweets and some reactions from Twitter on the Harden-Simmons trade deal.

The trio made Nets a Championship winning side, however, it will be interesting to see the Australian on the new Nets side.

Harden was injured?

Interesting fact. Irving was on the sidelines for most of the season and when he returned back, he was only allowed to play away matches. Also, by then Durant sustained an injury.


That’s right

What does that mean?

The only issue in the trade.


Harden-Simmons Trade Explained

It’s not only about James Harden and Ben Simmons in this trade. According to several sources, Seth Curry is also a part of the trade.

Nets will get Andre Drummond, Seth Curry, Ben Simmons, and two first-round picks for Paul Misllap and James Harden.

However, all this have not been made official, so it will be too early to say anything on this. So, let’s just wait and see how it goes and what the exact trade will be.

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