Top 5 Underrated Weapons/Guns In BGMI: Can Be Used In BMOC

Underrated Weapons/Guns In BGMI: Many BGMI players make a prejudice on some weapons and stick to them in every match. Consistently choosing their favorite weapons abide players from unleashing the true power of these weapons.

BGMI come up with many powerful yet most underrated guns till now in the game. Players switch these with other weapons without knowing their real worth. The list contains the top 5 underrated weapons in BGMI. Let’s check out the overall performance with other features offered by these guns.

5 Underrated Weapon/Guns To Be Used In BGMI

Here is the list of the top 5 underrated weapons which can become a great substitute for your favorite weapons/guns:

1. Scar-L

Scar-L is an Automated Assault Rifle also known as AR in BGMI and PUBG. It uses 5.56mm bullets and can be used for both close and mid-range combats. No gun can surpass M416, but Scar-L can work as a substitute for it without a doubt.

Players prefer M416 without knowing that Scar-L is much more stable. Yes, you read it right. Scar-L is more stable than M416 when used without any attachments in both guns.

The only difference between M416 and Scar-L is reloading time. Scar-L takes 0.12 seconds more than M416 to empty its magazine(total 3.40s) and the rest is the same as M416. They both have the same Power, Recoil, Fire Speed, and Capacity.

2. UMP 45


UMP 45, a Submachine Gun (SMG) has gained a lot of popularity these days. It uses 0.45mm bullets and works like a beast in close combat. Sometimes it excels and competes with the most powerful guns like Groza and M416.

Even though having so much caliber, players don’t prefer UMP 45 all over the match. Because they find it nice for gunfights and close combats. Because of its lower bullet speed, players feel annoying using it for mid to long-range flights.

3. Mini 14

mini 14

Mini 16 is one of the best DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) in BGMI. It fires 5.56mm bullets and has the lowest recoil among all DMRs.

Due to its high fire rate and low recoil, players can take down enemies at far. Also makes it easy to kill running enemies.

4. UZI


Uzi is a 9mm firing SMG (Submachine Gun). It is the fastest gun in the whole game with a firing speed of 1200 rounds per minute. That means it shoots the whole magazine in 1 second.

No one can beat Uzi in the rate of fire, but its a demerit too. Uzi comes to reload after 1sec of firing, so you can’t afford to lose aim at enemies. So it becomes too crucial for players to lose bullets.

5. MK 47 Mutant

MK 47 Mutant is a Semi AR that runs on burst mode by default. And fires 7.62mm bullets. It’s a very powerful weapon cause it shoots 3 bullets at once with high damage.

Even though having a DPS (Damage Per Second) of 490, players prefer other guns over this because of burst mode. But when used accurately it can stand in the way of many powerful guns.

Overall Review

So these were the most underrated weapons/guns in BGMI. If players use them accurately with their full potential, these guns can outstand and even replace other guns. Players can use these guns as substitutes for their favorite guns in tournaments like BMOC.

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