Top 5 Raiders In PKL History With Maximum Raid Points

Kabbadi is a game about raiding and defending, the best in the game should be specialized in one of the departments or maybe best in more than one department. PKL has given chances and recognization to most of the players who have the skills and temperament to conquer the game. Raiding is more about escaping skills and fast reactions, the player who has these characteristics has set certain records in PKL history. Here is a list of the top 5 raiders in the history of PKL who have the maximum raid points.

Kabaddi is emerging as the next big thing in India. The fan following of Kabbadi is growing rapidly since the start of PKL( Pro Kabaddi League) in India. The players of Kabaddi are now getting the name and frame as like the international players and the game has grown to its full length and the career scope in kabaddi is now emerging as an option.

List of the top 5 raiders in PKL history with the highest raid points

1. Pradeep Narwal(1357 raid points)

The star of PKL Pradeep Narwal has the record of highest raid points in the history of PKL. Pradeep started his PKL journey in season 3 with Patna Pirates and emerged as a star in PKL. The Haryana boy Pradeep Narwal has been one of the reasons behind the success of the Patna Pirates in PKL. Pradeep’s outstanding performance helped Patna Pirates to win back titles in PKL.

Matches Played 140
Total Raids 2381
Raid Points 1357
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 54.23
Avg. Out Rate (%) 27.37
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 55.12
Effective Points 881

2. Maninder Singh(993 raid points)

The right raider Maninder Singh who started his PKL journey from Jaipur Pink Panthers in 2014 is now emerging as a star player in PKL. The Jaipur boy Maninder Singh is currently playing as the main raider for Bengal Warriors. 
Matches Played 102
Total Raids 1638
Raid Points 993
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 58.14
Avg. Out Rate (%) 22.97
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 61.51
Effective Points 689


3. Pawan Sherawat(986 raid points)

The chocolate boy of the Pro Kabaadi league Pawan Sherawat is the 3rd player with the highest raid points in PKL history. Pawan started his PKL journey with Bengaluru Bulls in season 1. Sherawat was one of the main reasons behind the rapid success of Bengaluru Bulls in PKL.

Matches Played 102
Total Raids 1638
Raid Points 986
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 58.14
Avg. Out Rate (%) 22.97
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 61.51
Effective Points 689

4. Deepak Hooda(973 raid points)

The star allrounder of Puneri Paltan’s Deepak Hooda has also made it onto the list of raiders with the most raid points. Hooda started his PKL journey with Jaipur Pink Panthers in season 1 and has been known as one of the most prominent all-rounders in PKL history. Deepak is currently playing as a captain in Puneri Paltan.
Matches Played 153
Total Raids 2152
Raid Points 973
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 55.12
Avg. Out Rate (%) 21.24
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 48.02
Effective Points 681


5. Rahul Chaudhary(968 raid points)

The prominent star of PKL Rahul Chaudhary who has been a part of PKL since the very first season has many records in his name. Rahul who started his PKL career from Telugu Titans is now currently playing as a raider in Puneri Paltan.

Matches Played 139
Total Raids 2198
Raid Points 968
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 47.05
Avg. Out Rate (%) 22.46
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 46.21
Effective Points 604
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