Top 5 Agent In Valorant To Play As A Beginner

Top 5 Agents In Valorant To Play As A Beginner: Valorant being a recently released game has a lot of beginners showing up in the game. Valorant lower-ranked players are currently more in compared to higher-ranked players. Beginners are always suitable with the easiest characters in the game. The beginners go for the agents having lower abilities and agents who have an easier way to use those abilities.

Top 5 Agents In Valorant To Play As A Beginner

5. Sova

Sova is an initiator which allows the team to gather information and work on that collected information. He is one of the most played agent by beginners in valorant. Being a free agent makes it easier for a beginner to access this agent.

The agent has the signature ability to shoot a recon dart into the site or a wall to gather information. It is way too easy to shoot a recon for a beginner. The player just needs to hold his/her left-click button and release it to shoot the dart by giving direction by replacing the mouse. The only difficulty of this agent is controlling the drone for a beginner. His secondary ability Shock dart works just like the recon dart just the difference is it is used for giving damage rather than gaining information.

4. Phoenix

Phoenix is a duelist and plays the role of opening sites and making space for the team to enter the site. It is way too easy for a beginner to use phoenix’s ability. The signature ability of the agent is its Molotov. Phoenix Molotov can be used to heal himself also.

It is too easy for a beginner to use this ability as it all depends on mouse placement and correct timing. The secondary ability of the agent is Curve Ball. The curve Ball can be used to flash your opponent through the edges of the wall. It takes some practice to master this ability. So, most beginners don’t use this ability. The third ability of the agent is Curve Wall. A curve wall is created to easily enter a site while blocking the vision of the opponents. It is easier than using a curveball as you just need to place your mouse in the correct direction. The ultimate ability of the agent is Run It Back. Run It back allows the player to give a rebirth ability for a short period of time. So, Phoenix can be considered one of the major agents used by beginners.

3. Brimstone

The newly arrived players find it too difficult to play other smoking agents such as Omen, Viper, and Astra. So they prefer Brimstone over them. Brimstone is the easiest controller in the game to play. Brimstone is considered to be one of the easier ways of smoking a site.

The signature ability of the Brimstone is its Sky Smoke. One can easily smoke a site by just selecting areas the player needs to smoke to block the vision of the opponent. The secondary ability of the brimstone is its Molotov. A Molotov can be used by Brimstone to give chip damage to the opponents. It is easy to place a Molotov by just replacing your mouse. The third ability of the agent is Steam Beacon. A steam beacon provides a combat stim in a certain amount of area which allows the player and other team players to make their moves Faster and increase the fire rate of the weapon. The ultimate ability of the agent Orbital Strike allows the player completely burnout the selected certain area.

2. Jett 

Jett is the most popular agent in the game. She is a duelist who uses her abilities to easily create space on the site. Jett is the easiest duelist to play in the game rather than comparing to other duelists. Jett is the most played agent in the game and it is used by both beginners and professionals.

A beginner prefers its Signature ability which is dash ability as the most useful ability in the game. As you can easily secure a kill and dash away from the area without getting caught by the opponent. The secondary ability of the agent is the smoke cloud. A user can easily smoke an area for a few seconds to make his/her path to acquire a site. The third ability of the Jett is Updraft. A player can Updraft to any box or container which can give a height advantage for aiming. The ultimate ability of the agent is blade storm. Blade storm allows the player to move and shoot the blades at the same time. This makes it difficult for the opponents to take down Jett in a 1v1 combat fight.

1. Sage

Sage acts as the sentinel in the game. She is the most preferred agent in the game for beginners. Her abilities are one of the easiest abilities to use in the game. Sage mainly acts as the healer in the game.

Sage has the signature ability to heal any team player. The secondary ability of the sage slow orb can easily slow down the upcoming push to any site. Her third ability Sage wall can block an opponent by creating an Ice wall which is difficult to break once hardened. Sage’s ultimate ability is Resurrection which allows her to bring any dead teammate to life in the round.

So, these are were the agents one should try as a beginner in their initial days at Valorant.

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