Top 10 Minecraft YouTubers With Highest Subscribers Oct 2022

Minecraft Youtubers Highest Subscribers: Minecraft is the most popular game in the world right now with more than 173 million players. Developed by Mojang Studio and made this game public in the year 2011, still the best and most played game worldwide.

Minecraft is a Sandbox Video Game where players explore a blocky 3D world with virtually infinite terrain. It puts you in the middle of a vast Overworld, where you must survive amidst animals, mobs, and caves.

Here is the list of YouTubers who have earned a huge fan base and now have the most subscribers in their accounts.

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Minecraft YouTubers – Highest Subscribers Oct 2022

Minecraft’s popularity in the gaming community keeps on growing every year. The number of views for Minecraft alone in 2020 reached 201,000,000,000, that’s 126 Billion more than Roblox, which reached 75 Billion views in 2020, which is absolutely absurd.

1. Mikecrack (35.3 Million)

Miguel Bernal Montes aka Mikecrack is a Spanish youtube who plays multiple games but spends most of his time playing Minecraft. He makes videos in Spanish but still has the most number of subscribers all around the globe. Currently, he has a total of 35.3 million subscribers on youtube.

2. Dream (31 Million)

Clay who is better known as Dream in the gaming community has influenced a large audience and stands in the second position on this list. Recently he revealed his face in public, to know about more Click Here. In July 2019, he became famous when he found Pewdiepie’s survival Minecraft world.

3. Techno Gamerz (29.3 Million)

Ujjwal aka Techno Gamerz is the face of Indian Gaming representing on a global level. He entertains his Indian Minecraft audience and is very consistent in uploading videos. Started his youtube career by reviewing and playing android games. Apart from Minecraft, he spends his time uploading PUBG and Grand Theft Auto 5 videos.

4. MrBeast Gaming (29.1 Million)

Jimmy who is better known as MrBeast not a new face on YouTube. Mostly known for his unmatched giveaways to his subscribers. Recently he gifted an island to one of his subscribers after entering them into a tournament. MrBeast gaming is his secondary channel where he posts gaming videos including Minecraft and gained a lot of popularity in less time.

5. DanTDM (26.3 Million)

Daniel Middleton also known as DanTDm used to be the most subscribed Minecraft YouTuber but was dethroned by Dream last year (2021). He was also featured in various other media including roleplaying in Minecraft Story Mode and a cameo in “Free Guy” too. DanTDM is one of the oldest Minecraft content creators and has his own Youtube Original Series.

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6. Jelly (22.9 Million)

Jelle Van Vucht better known as Jelly is a Dutch Minecraft YouTuber who is famous for his unique energetic style in his videos. His subscribers are mostly younger audience who enjoys a lot his style. Started his youtube career at the age of 17 (2014), and gained 1 million subscribers in a year. Now he is an official partner with G-Fuel.

7. SSundee (21.3 Million)

Ian Marcus Stapleton aka SSundee is an American Minecraft content creator. Before creating Minecraft videos he used to post Vlogs and after that Call of Duty, videos were privatized later. It took him almost 4 years to reach 1 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

8. Authenticgames (20.3 Million)

Marco Túlio Matos Vieira better known as Authenticgames is a Brazillian YouTuber who is famous for his Minecraft Gameplay. He also plays other games but most of his audience loves his Minecraft videos which made him gain 20 million subscribers. In short, we can say that Macro is the face of Spanish Gaming representing at a global level.

9. PopularMMOs (17.2 Million)

Patrick better known online as PopularMMOs is an American Minecraft Content Creator on YouTube. With the help of its “lets plays” and excursions into mob-related mod packs, PopularMMOs has made a noticeable name for itself in the Minecraft community. Despite only uploading 19 videos in 2021, he made his way into the top 10 most subscribed YouTubers.

10. Tommyinnit (11.8 Million)

Thomas Simons aka Tommyinnit is one of the youngest Minecraft YouTubers. Currently, he is 18 years old and has a net worth of over 14 Million dollars. He came into the limelight in the late 2019s and viewers enjoy his sense of humor and lively personality. In just 2 years his subscribers rose from 100,000 to 11.8 million.

Here is the list of Minecraft Youtubers Highest Subscribers of all time. There are many popular Youtubers who haven’t made it to this list but have a very good fan base and lots of subscribers. Hope readers find this piece informational.

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