‘The AWP Is Sick’- Shahzam Reacts To The New Valorant Skins

Valorant announced the arrival of the Team Ace bundle in the game and the fans are going crazy after its look and design. Sentinels captain Shahzam also reacted to the new Valorant skins and it’s quite safe to say that he was impressed.

The Team Ace bundle has not been released in the game yet but will be released very soon. However, one can find that in the skins section where it is locked.

Shahzam Impressed With Team Ace Valorant Bundle Skins

Sentinels captain was streaming on Twitch and during the game, he found out about the upcoming skins. Moreover, he first went to the Phantom section and checked it. It’s pretty cool’ Shahzam’s first reaction to the Phantom skins.

video source: Sully of Saturn and Shahzam’s Twitch

He then move on to the Vandal skins section and was impressed by it too. He said,“Why the Vandal skins are always so cool”. 

However, it was clearly seen that Shahzam has no idea bout the next bundle and asked his audience if these are in the next battle pass. Furthermore, the skin which impressed Shahzam the most was the Operator’s skin. ‘Ohoo, wait, The AWP is sick. What the h*ck.” Shahzam then again asked about the skin and wanted to know if it was in battle pass or bundle.

Moreover, Shahzam made it clear that his favorite skin in the game Ion still remains his first choice by saying, The AWP is cool, I can’t betray the Ion though’.

Team Ace Bundle Weapon Skins

Team Ace is going to be the next bundle in Valorant and it will be replacing Gaia’s Vengeance in the Valorant store. However, it will take at least 2 weeks for the bundle to arrive in the game.

Despite having no animation in the skins, it has impressed everyone and fans are loving it already. The bundle is going to be one of the rare bundles where players can find Vandal, Phantom and Operator skin. It has 5 weapons skins but doesn’t has melee which is quite understandable because there are already 3 main weapon skins.

  • Frenzy
  • Judge
  • Phantom
  • Vandal
  • Operator

The skin is themes on Valorant’s duelist agents. Frenzy has Yoru on it, whereas Judge has Brazilian Raze. Moreover, Phoenix can be seen on Phantom and Vandal has got Reyna. Most favorite agent of the game Jett is on Operator.

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