Team XO Wins Skyesports Grand Slam 2022: Overall Standings, Prize Money And MVP

The final day of Skyesports Grand slam 2022 was played on 16th February and after a battle of 7 days, fans have their winner. Team XO maintained their top position on the final day and won the title for themselves. Along with the title, Team XO will receive a whopping 15 lakh rupee as prize money.

It was Team Soul and team XO, who were battling for that top position on the final day. Alike the first six days, both the teams grabbed points consistently on the last day too, but it was Team XO who came out as a better team amongst all.

Another exciting announcement that was made by Skyesports during the stream was; the award ceremony of the Skyesports Grand Slam 2022 will take place in March 2022 at Taj Lands.

Skyesports Grand Slam 2022: Overall Standings And Winner

After Day-6, it was Team XO on the top position with a lead of 16 points. On the last day, the team extended their lead to ensure victory at the end.

BGIS Champions Skylightz Gaming again showed good consistency and maintain their third position. However, after starting the Day-7 on 4th, Godlike failed to protect their position and finished at 7th.

Celsius Esports came back on the last map to find themselves in top 5 and finished 4th. Here are the overall standings:

Skyesports Grand Slam 2022

Velocity gaming finished on the bottom with 165 points. Despite having 3 WWCD, 7 seas esports finished on 15th.

Skyesports Grandslam 2020 MVP


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Godlike’s Jonathan was awarded the Skyesports Grand slam 2022 MVP as he bagged 69 kills in the tournament.

Skyesports Grand Slam 2022: Match Reports Of Day-7

Match-1: Skylightz With A Headstart

BGIS Champions Skylightz started the day with a victory and cemented their third position for the tournament. Team Soul’s vision was clear to finish on top, but they managed to finish in top 3 with good amount of kills.

Match-2: Team Forever Tastes Chicken Dinner

Team Forever won the chicken dinner, but it was Team XO who finished 2nd. As a result, they snatched their top position from Team Soul and maintained a 19 points lead.

Match-3: Team Soul With A Much Needed WWCD

Team Soul kept on fighting for the throne of Skyesports Grand Slam and with a chicken dinner, they bagged important 20 points.

On the other hand, Team XO grabbed 10 points, which means, they still had that 9 important points lead.

Match-4: TSM Secures Victory

On the map of Miramar, TSM’s two men eliminated Team Mayavi and Team XO at the end to bag that important chicken dinner. Despite a great start, Team SOul were eliminated early, which gave Team XO the room to increase their lead for the top position.

Match-5: Skylightz Gaming With Another Victory 

Sanhok was won by SKylightz Gaming, but with a heal battle coming from Team XO’s member Fierce almost confirmed the victory of Skyesports Grand Slam 2022 for his team.

Once again team Soul were eliminated early and Team XO bagged 12 crucial points that too with the help of heal battle.

Match-6: Celsius Esports Confirms Top 5

In the last match, Celsius Esports bagged the chicken Dinner to keep themselves in the top 5. Early elimination of Team Soul confirmed that the Team XO is going to win the Skyesports Garndslam 2022 title.

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