Team Soul Announce Their New Lineup For BGMI, Know Who Are They In Details

Team Soul BGMI Lineup: One of the most successful esports teams in India, Team Soul has finally revealed its new roster for upcoming tournaments. The team consists of four of the most promising players in the BGMI Esports scene.

So, let’s have a look at the new Soul roster and what are tournaments they will be playing in the future.

 Know Everything About The New BGMI Lineup Of Team Soul

The team has rich history as it was the first team to win the PUBG Mobile India series. Moreover, the team dominated once in the PUBG Mobile India scene and won the first PMCO. They went on to represent the region twice on the International stage.


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However, the team saw a downfall since 2020 and failed to perform up to the expectations. The management even tried new players but it barely worked. In their last official tournament which was BGIS, the team even failed to make it into the Finals.

It is said that to reach on top, you need to experience the bottom. And now, it looks like the high-time is here for Team Soul.

Team Soul New Players

After the BGIS tournament, the team acquired two players from Chemin esports; Akshat and Omega. Both of them are together from the initial days and their synergy will surely act as one of the pillars of the team. Both of them even represented 8bit in PMCO Wildcards.

Goblin is another player who is considered to be one of the hottest talents in the community. Ex-team Insane player impressed everyone with his skills and now is one of the best players in the fields of BGMI.

Mostly known as Soulplayer 3 which was his in-game name for most of the time while playing for Soul, Hector acts as the backbone for the team.

So, these are the players who will be representing Team Soul from now on.


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  • Hector– Sohail Shaikh
  • Goblin– Harsh Paudwal
  • AkshaT– Akshat Goel
  • Omega- Sahil Jakhar

Tournaments New Soul Team Will Play

As of now, Team Soul has not played any official tournament. However, they have been playing many third-party tournaments.

They finished behind Team XO in Skyesports Grand Slam 2022. Moreover, they won Pro Warrior Cup Season 1.

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