Team Soul And Godlike Didn’t Mark Their Presence In Skyesports Pro League Day 1: Know What Players Have To Say On This

Skyesports hosted the first day of Pro League tournament for BGMI, where fans found out some of their favorite teams like Soul and Godlike were not playing. As a result, the audience dropped several questions about the presence of these teams in the tournament. To that, Skyesports pinned a comment saying that fans may ask the teams.

The audience then went to the streams of their favorite players and asked the reason for not playing Skyesports Pro League.

Players Open Up On Teams Like Soul And Godlike Not Playing Skyesports Pro League

Mortal and Scout were among the ones who addressed the absence of their teams. Mortal on hand seemed unaware of the facts and Scout said that his teams are playing the matches for which they receive the Room Id and password from Mavi.

Mortal said that he is not aware of the fact and will ask Sid, who is the team manager of Soul. Sid was also bombarded with questions when he came live on his channel. However, he handled the situation very maturely and said that his team are playing tournaments because of the competition. However, the fans didn’t seem satisfied the answers and kept on asking questions.

To which Sid said that there are things which can’t go out and he tells everything which he thinks the audience must know.

Speculations Keep On Emerging

Skyesports Rooter

It was quite obvious that there will be many eyebrows raised due to the absence of these big teams. This resulted in many rumors emerging.

Some said that the Rooter deal has some connection with this as most of the missed teams stream on Loco. Interestingly, Team Soul’s professional lineup stream on Rooter.

Skyesports’ CEO Shiva Nandy thanked the participating teams on his Instagram story.

On the other hand, some talks suggested that Skyesports invited a team that is facing hacking allegations and teams don’t want to practice.

Whatever the reason is, fans are definitely missing some quality actions and we hope the issue is resolved soon and we see favorites teams playing in the tournament.

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