Team Orangatun Wins BMOC The Grind Finals: Overall Standings And Match Results Here

BMOC Grind Finals, Overall Standing And Match Results: The final day of the BMOC The Grind finals have ended and Team Orangutan are the champions whereas Team SOUL and Team OR finished at 2nd and 3rd positions. Team OG completely dominates the league from the very beginning and they are well deserved to be the champions.

Fans’ Favourite teams like Team XO, Skylights Gaming, and Nigma Galaxy did their best but still failed to grab the top 3 positions.

Teams Rankings in the Finals Of BMOC The Grind 

Team OG has won the leagues as they finished the tournament at 1st position with 266 points including three chicken dinners in 24 matches.

Despite having a new lineup Team SOUL finished at 2nd position with 247 total points in 24 matches.

A tremendous performance on the final day of the tournament Team OR grab the 3rd position with 229 points.

Whereas teams like Team Nigma Galaxy, Team TSM, and Team XO finished the leagues at 4th, 5th, and 6th position.

Team Mayhem and Entity Gaming finished at the bottom with 105 and 97 points respectively.

Final Day match by match report

Match 1 ( Team Nigma Galaxy)

Nigma Galaxy won the first match on the final day of the BMOC finals which makes them to still alive in the race to the top 3.

Team OG and Team TSM still standing in the 1st and 2nd positions whereas Team XO moves to the 3rd position after surpassing Team Skylightz Gaming.

Team X Spark and Team Mayhem still remain at the bottom after the end of the first match on the final day.

Match 2 (RE Esports)

RE Esports finally showcase their potential and grab the chicken dinner in the 2nd match on the Day of the BMOC the Grind finals.

Team Orangatun, Team TSM, and Team XO still holding the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions.

Match 3 ( Team OR)

Team OR finally managed to grab a chicken dinner and look forward to at least taking the 3rd position in the BMOC finals.

Team Nigma Galaxy moves to third position whereas Team OG and TSM still standing in the first and second position in the overall points table.

After having two bad games Team SOUL and Team Global Esports moved to the 7th and 8th positions in the points table.

Match 4 ( Team X Spark)

One of the fan’s favorite Team X Spark finally managed to win a chicken dinner, maybe this win not help them to move ahead but this chicken will surely make their fans happy.

Team Orangatun heading to become the champion as they are still on the top with 255 total points.

Match 5( Chemin Esports)

Chemin Esports won the 5th match as they are still fighting hard to get to the top 5.

Team XO, Team OR, and Skylights gaming are still fighting hard to grab the top 3 positions.

Match 6 ( Team SOUL)

Complete domination by Team SOUL in the 6th match help them to rise high and finished the tournament in second place.

Undoubtedly Team OG will lift the trophy as they play excellent throughout the tournament.

These are the full highlights of the final and Day 4 of the tournament BMOC The Grind.

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