Team Liquid Keeps Their Hope Alive For VCT Playoffs As They Crush London United

VCT EMEA Challengers Week 4 have resumed now and Team Liquid faced London United in a match of Group A. Team Liquid made domination after winning 2-0 against London United in the tournament. Jamppi was unstoppable with his operator and Scream was unbeatable on his each and every duel against London United.

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Everything You Need To Know About Liquid vs London United

London United banned maps like Bind and Breeze and Team Liquid banned maps such as Fracture and Icebox. The first map Haven was picked by London United on the attacking side. But unfortunately, they ended up the half in 7-5 swap in favor of Team Liquid. And in the second half, they could not win many rounds to secure the win for the team in the first map so as a result, the match ended up in favor of Team Liquid with a score of 13-8.

The second map was Split which was picked by Team Liquid on the attacking side. Although having map pick, team liquid could not deliver their performance in the first half and end up on a 7-5 swap in the favor of London United. The second half of the map was complete domination of Scream and Jamppi thrashing London United by completely denying the entry of B site haven and A ramps.

As a result, Team Liquid secured their win on London United by the scoreline of 13-10.


Watch Team Liquid’s victory over LTD United Here

Downfall and Uprising of Team Liquid in the Champions Tour stage 1 of VCT Challengers EMEA 2022

The beginning of the tournament was not so wise for Team Liquid after losing to 2-0 against Gambit Esports. Chronicle and Sheydos of Gambit Esports were completely invincible for Team Liquid as the result they lost.

While in the second match of team liquid it was close combat with Natus Vincere. Fortunately, Team Liquid won against Natus Vincere with a scoreline of 2-1. Team Liquid had maintained their momentum after wining 2-0 against London United.

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