Shahzam, Scream, Tarik And Other Professional Players And Streamers React To The New Jett Nerf In Valorant

Valorant has never failed to bring exciting changes through its updates. Mostly it receives positive responses but sometimes Riot games have also seen facing few criticisms. Recently an information circulated assuring the introduction of a new Jett Nerf in the 4.08 update. Various Valorant pros shread their reaction on the new Jett nerf through their streams or social media handles.

Valorant through their official Twitter handle released a statement justifying the new changes introduced. The new update will bring a few changes in Jett’s dash ability. On pressing the dash key once a timer will be activated for 12 seconds and to use dash ability the key should be pressed once again before the timer expires.

Streamers And Professional Valorant Players’ Reaction On The New Jett Nerf

After gathering knowledge about Jett getting nerfed various players and streamers were seen reacting to it. Where few players like the Indian streamer Skrossi were seen defending it, the new Jett nerf received vast criticisms. Streamers and players seemed disappointed with the idea of introducing timer in Jett’s signature ability. Earlier to use dash the key was to be pressed only once anytime during the round.

Here are few Valorant pros reaction the new update:

Scream: The Belgian player Scream who plays for Team Liquid seemed to be disappointed with the introduction of the new update. Scream was seen playing on Jett on maps like Icebox and Haven in VCT Iceland. Through his Twitter handle Scream wrote “RIP broken Jett 2020-2022”.

Shahzam: Valorant legend Shahzam through his live stream expressed his concern regarding Jett getting nerfed. According to him, players will use other duelists more in the game. He considers the current Jett to be better as she can play at any off angle without risking anything. On asked by a viewer he also contradicted Chamber being an alternative to Jett.

Tarik: The American professional Tarik Celik plays Jett as his main agent. On being asked about the new Jett nerf he said that whatsoever changes are made he will continue playing the agent in the game.

nAts: Gambit Esports professional Valorant player thinks that the new update is quite good and is well deserved.

SK Rossi: Global eSports player SK Rossi mentioned on his Twitter handle “Don’t worry about the Jett nerf guys, got something new”.

Apart from criticisms the new Jett nerf also received various positive responses. In the coming time as the patch goes live it will be seen whether the new update proves effective or not for the players.

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Ansh Arora
Ansh Arora
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