Sentinels Reveal Their New Coach Trials And Position In A Sarcastic Way On Twitter

Sentinels Reply On Coach Trials: Sentinels is a North American team that is famous for their dominating gameplay in VCT 2021 stage 2 Masters-Reykjavík. Sentinels are one of the best teams in North America, well known for their aggressive gameplay.

They are also considered to be one of the most toxic teams in the world. And yet again, they proved why by with some hilarious replies.

Sentinels Replied To Coach Trials Question In a Hilarious Way

After Rawkus was discharged from the position of coach of sentinels, fans of Sentinels were overhyped to know who will be the next coach of Sentinels. Rumors were aloud that Sentinels are testing coaches for their professional valorant team.

To the claims that said Sentinels have a list of all active trials for their Valorant head coach position, they replied on their Twitter. They replied that “In response to the rumors, we have provided a list of all active trials for our Valorant head coach position. Read; “.

When fans clicked the link, they found there was no list of any coaches and in fact, it said, ‘Your mom’.

Sentinels always shock their fans by posting these types of trolling tweets. So it is none of a surprise for us all.

Who Is Sentinels Coach Now?

Sentinels hired Shawn”Rawkus” Flaherty as their coach for the professional valorant team before Champions. But recently they released Rawkus after having issues in the complete buyout of Rawkus from the faze clan.

In a statement, Rawkus said that he wants to return to Valorant as a professional player. Sentinels fans will be very sad after seeing their best team, best coach going away from his position.

Currently, there is no coach for the team Sentinels.

Sentinels At VCT NA 2022

Sentinels were one of the invited teams who directly qualified for the Challengers Group stages. They won their first game and started their journey in style. Later, against Optic Gaming they lost in close combat of 2-1 scoreline.

However, their win against Rise confirmed their qualification for the main event of VCT NA Challengers. They announced their qualification through Twitter. They said, “Playoffs Locked”. 

Sentinels will be playing their final match of the tournament against Version 1 on 13th march 2022 at 2:30 a.m. IST. Although Sentinels have not shown complete domination on any of the teams till now, they won against every team with a scoreline of 2-1.

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Aditya Kumar
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