Rajkumar Rao Fills Up The Squad With The Most Popular BGMI Players

Krafton started a digital campaign featuring popular Indian actor Rajkumar Rao along with the most popular BGMI players. The campaign started to encourage the new generation and gather their friends and form squads in the BGMI battle arena.

Many popular YouTubers and BGMI professional players are also featuring in this campaign. As the motto of gathering our squads and let’s play.

Rajkumar Rao with popular BGMI players 

In the campaign video, the three most popular BGMI personalities. Naman Mathur aka Soul Mortal, Raj Verma aka Hydra Dynamo, and Aditya Sawant aka Snax have been seen advertising about the BGMI.

The video started on a high note where Rajkumar seems to be completely clueless about the game initially. Later on, while he sees his friends playing BGMI, he also gets influenced to join their squad and play the game.

” Anytime when I get time, I used to play BGMI, it was one of my favorite games and it was fun to do an advertisement with BGMI and Krafton, even the guys(mortal, dynamo, and Snax) were just awesome, love to talk to them,” says Rajkumar Rao. 

BGMI looking to connect people – Minu Lee ( BGMI head) 

In an interview BGMI head, Minu Lee told the media that, they are looking to connect the people with their game. She also said that they feature popular actors like Rajkumar Rao and professional BGMI players to make the audience connect with the game.

Esports science in India

The Indian Gaming community and esports have been evolving day by day. The games like BGMI have gained a massive hike in their business because of the popularity of battle royals. As with the game many underrated players and casters now gaining the name and fame.

Indians are now considering Esports as a career option. Many common people move to greater heights because of their skills and talents. As of now, the Esports scenario in India is looking positive.

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Tauqeer Belal
Tauqeer Belal
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