Pokemon Unite Battle Pass 6 Is Ending Soon, Know End Date And Tips For Battle Pass

Tencent keeps on adding new features in every update like battle pass, events, and a lot more exciting stuff. Pokemon Unite Battle Pass 6 is going to end soon so let’s see when it ends and how to get exciting rewards.

The global launch of Pokemon Unite took place on 21 July 2021. A Nintendo Switch version was first released, but later versions were introduced for iOS and Android devices.

End Date Of Battle Pass 6

Pokemon Unite has a battle pass where players get exciting rewards after completing some missions. The Battle Pass unlocks at Trainer Level 7, so new players have to increase their level up to 7 to enjoy these rewards.

Currently, the game is on Battle Pass 6 which is going to end in 5days. Started on 15 March and ends on 28 April.

There are two battle pass available for players, Premium Pass and Premium Plus Pass. Trainers can obtain Premium Pass for 490 Aeos Gems & Premium Plus Pass for 840 Aeos Gems. Players can purchase these Aeos Gems from the purchase store in the game.

Battle Pass Missions: Tips and Tricks

Missions in the battle pass can be categorized into three categories:

  • Daily Missions: These missions will reset every day at 00:00 UTC (05:30 IST). Unfinished missions cannot be completed after the reset, but trainers will be rewarded for ones not claimed.
  • Weekly Missions: These missions will reset every Monday at 00;00 UTC (05:30 IST). There will be no unfinished missions from the previous week, but unclaimed rewards will be available.
  • Season Mission: These missions will be available for trainers from the start to the end of the battle pass.

Premium Plus Pass owners rank directly up to level 10 when they purchase the pass. Using Aeos Gems, players can increase their ranks at any time. You will receive a battle pass prize box after reaching your maximum battle pass level and earning a certain number of battle pass points.

The Pokemon Unite battle pass 6 is distributed over a period of 44 days in the form of six weeks of small missions. Players have to purchase a new battle pass every season to get more Aeos tickets.

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