Pokemon Go Events June 2022: Go Fest, Community Day And More

With the new month, a new season starts in Pokemon Go. Over the next few weeks, Pokemon Go is kicking off its “Season of Go” with a variety of events, including a new Community Day. That’s not the end here, the annual Pokemon Go Fest celebration is also held in June 2022.

Let’s have a look at the upcoming Pokemon Go events happening in June 2022.

Pokemon Go Fest 2022

June marks the start of Pokemon Go’s biggest annual event: Pokemon Go Fest 2022. There are a variety of special Pokemon spawns and other bonuses during the two-day celebration, which takes place June 4 and 5.

On day one, virtual habitats and global challenges will rotate, while on day two, Team Go Rocket will appear more. The event will also include an opportunity to meet the mythical Pokemon Shaymin as part of a new Special Research story. But only for those trainers who have purchased tickets for this event.

Pokemon Go: Adventure Week June 2022

Pokemon Go Adventure Week will start on June 7 and will end on June 12, to know it on more detail Click HereThis year two rock and fossil-type Pokemon are going to their debut in the game: Amaura and Tyrunt. Trainers are going to encounter more rock-type Pokemon during this event.

If trainers are lucky enough then they might encounter and catch the Shiny variant of Tirtouga and Archen during the event.

Pokemon Go: June Community Day

Pokemon Go: June Community Day 2022 will take place from Saturday, June 25. Details about the featured Pokemon and bonuses have not yet been revealed, but we will find out more soon.

Pokemon Go: June Raid Schedule

Five-star raids will once again feature some of the legendary Pokemon in June. During the first week of June, the Pokemon Sapphire mascot Kyogre will appear in raids, followed by Groudon until the 16th of June. Here is a complete guide on Kyogre weaknesses and counters Click Here.

Following Groudon’s exit from the rotation, Mewtwo will become the featured five-star raid boss for the remainder of the month. The Psychic-type Pokemon can be seen with a different charge attack each week. You will encounter Shadow Ball in Mewtwo from June 16 to 23, and Psystrike in Mewtwo from June 23 to July 1.

Five Star Raids

  • Kyogre – June 1 to June 7
  • Groudon – June 7 to June 16
  • Mewtwo (Shadow Ball) – June 16 to June 23
  • Mewtwo (Psystrike) – June 23 to July 1

Mega Raids

  • Mega Steelix – June 1-7
  • Mega Aerodactyl – June 7-16
  • Mega Venusaur – June 16-23
  • Mega Blastoise – June 23-1

Pokemon Go: Spotlight Hours

Spotlight Event in Pokemon Go will take place every Tuesday evening starting from 6 PM to 7 PM (local time). The game will feature a specific Pokemon and bonus during that hour, such as increased candy for catching or transferring Pokemon.

Date Spotlight Pokemon Spotlight Bonus
June 7 Nosepass 2X catch candy
June 14 Mantine 2X transfer candy
June 21 Spinarak 2X evolution XP
June 28 Pokemon TCG Hat Pikachu 2X catch stardust


Additionally, Pokemon Go is holding a crossover event to celebrate the release of the card game’s Pokemon Go expansion in June. Details on this event are not known and will be provided whenever comes to the limelight. hope trainers will find it helpful regarding Pokemon Go Events June 2022

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