Pokemon Go: Best Pokemon To Catch In Sustainability Week 2022

Best Pokemon In Sustainability Week: Sustainability Week started on 21 April. Trainers are giving their best to catch the sustainability week featured Pokemon. Developers keep on introducing new Pokemon in these events.

Sustainability Week is an event that has been introduced regarding Nature. This event tells us about the dangers of pollution and shows the nature and real-world in the game. You can see these aspects in the featured Pokemon that will spawn. There has even been an increase in spawn rates of featured Pokemon during this event.

Best Pokemon To Capture In Sustainability Week 2022

Trainers are too excited about this event. They want to know which Pokemon will be worth catching. There are many Pokemon out there that are best for the trainers, but here we listed the top 5 Pokemon according to us.

1. Venusaur

It is a very rare moment that a fully evolved Pokemon appears in the game. But sustainability week is gonna change those things. This will be the best chance for players to catch this max evolved Venusaur.

Venusaur is the grass-type Pokemon that evolves from Bulbasaur (initial stage) and then Ivysaur (second stage). Venusaur is the third and last stage, but now trainers can evolve them into Mega Pokemon too.

2. Larvitar

Larvitar is a Pokemon that trainers can’t catch as it doesn’t appear in the wild. Trainers have to hatch 7km eggs to get this Pokemon into their inventory. Trainers will get this egg by opening gifts sent from friends during the sustainability week.

Larvitar is a Dark/Rock-type Pokemon that evolves into Pupitar (second stage) and finally into Tyranitar (final stage). Tyranitar is one the most effective Pokemon in the game, so trainers should start hatching more 7km eggs.

3. Turtwig 

Turtwig is a fourth-generation Grass/Rock-type starter Pokemon. It evolves into Grotle (second stage) and the powerful Torterra (final stage). Torterra has a significant upside in PvE battles thanks to its Grass/Rock-type and a strong collection of learnable moves in Pokemon GO.

There is a great possibility that trainers can find Torterra or Grotle in the wild because of Sustainability week. It’s a perfect time for players to catch these Pokemon and evolve them quickly.

4. Phantump

Phantump is a sixth-generation Ghost/Grass-type Pokemon that trainers can catch from the wild during this event. This Pokemon can evolve into Trevenant, which carries great capabilities for PvP matches.

What makes Trevenant a great Pokemon for PvP is the unique set of weakness and resistance. Moves like Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball make it more viable for PvP.

5. Oranguru

Oranguru is the latest Pokemon that has been added to the Pokedex. It is a very intelligent Normal/Psychic-type Pokemon from the Alola region. In order to receive a 7km Egg with a chance of hatching an Oranguru, you must open gifts sent by friends during Sustainability Week.

Best Pokemon Sustainability Week

As a new Pokemon, no one knows how this one will perform in the PvE as well as PvP matches. Still, it will be worth a shot to catch Oranguru even if not useful as it will help trainers to complete the Pokedex.

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