Pokemon Go: All Current Raid Bosses For April 2022

Pokemon Go Raid Bosses April 2022: Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games around the globe. Because of Niantic’s constant updates in the game players enjoy playing it. Pokemon Go developers keep on adding new events and Pokemon to make the game more interactive.

At the end of last year, Pokemon Go added a new feature in the game i.e., Seasons. Seasons last for almost three months. Usually, these are based on what the season intends to add to the game. Currently, the Season of Alola is going on in the Pokemon Go. In this season, everything revolves around the seventh generation of the Pokemon franchise and the Pokemon introduced during that generation.

All Raid Bosses For April 2022

Raid Battles are the most fascinating and popular feature of Pokemon Go. Raid Battle takes place when a Boss Pokemon takes over a gym in the game. It is a great way to interact with other players or friends, in which players come together to defeat a powerful Pokemon. These Pokemon can start from Basic and can go up to Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon in Raids are constantly changed in a cycle. In Raids, you will usually find Pokemon related to the current event. As spring season has arrived, players have a very high chance of facing Grass or Fairy-type Pokemon in the Raids.

Players can also challenge Mega Evolved Pokemons in the Raid Battles. This also constantly changes in a cycle. Pokemon GO is presently in its spring event, though it still remains part of the Season of Alola event.

Raid battles with Alolan Pokemon will also feature the more spring-appropriate Pokemon Raid Bosses.

What Players Can Find In Raids?

For 1 Star Raids: Players can go battle with Torchic, Petilil, Swirlix, Rockruff, and Alolan Grimer. Shiny variants of Petilil and Swirlix are not available for One-Star Raids. One-Star Raids are too easy that players can win those on their own without any friend’s help. So there is no need to make strategies for those raids.

For 3 Star Raids: Players have the opportunity to encounter Golbat, Alolan Exeggutor, Grotle, and Granbull during Three-Star Raids. From these Raids, however, only the shiny variant of Alolan Exeggutor can be found. It’s a bit tougher than the previous one, so it is recommended to bring a friend along for Raids.

For 5 Star Raids: Usually, the Five-Star Raid Boss slot is only occupied by one Pokemon. Mostly, these Boss Pokemons are either Legendary Ones or Mythical Pokemon. Currently, players can face Tapu-Bulu in Five-Star Raids as it was recently added to the games. So players have to come up with various strategies to take him down.

For Mega Raids: In the Mega Raids, players can encounter Pidgeot in the Max evolution form i.e., Mega Pidgeot. The typing of Pidgeot doesn’t change when it Mega Evolves like many other Mega Evolutions. You get Mega Energy when you defeat a Mega Raid Boss (resource to Mega Evolve Pokemons).

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