Players Who Have Played 100 Test Matches For India: Full List Here

Every player’s dream is to represent their nation in test cricket. The longer format of the game test cricket where the skills and temperament of a player are shown. A 5-day test match where teams have to face ups and downs each day, the turns and twists of a test match are adorable to watch.

Playing a test match is like defending a base, where players have to give their best on each day of the test match. Despite being the best of the game many players can get their place in the team but the players who are consistent and have skills can be the legend of test cricket and complete a mark of playing 100 test matches for their country.

Here is the list of players who have played 100 test matches for India

1. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar(200 test matches)

The God of cricket, the right-handed legend batsman Sachin Tendulkar has many records in his name, playing 100 test matches is also one of his records. The legend has demolished almost every country bowling lineup and played as one of the key players till his last test match.

Innings: 329
Not Outs: 33
Aggregate: 15921
Highest Score: 248*
Average: 53.79
The 50s: 68
100s: 51
200s: 6
300s: 0
Ducks: 14
Pairs: 0
4s: 2058
6s: 69
Balls Faced: 0
Scoring Rate N/A
Opened Batting: 1
Top Scored in Innings: 78
% of Team Runs Scored: 14.82


2. Sourav Ganguly(113 test matches)

The God of offside Sourav Ganguly who is also the former captain of the Indian team has also had a record of playing 100 test matches in his career. The left-handed batsman also works as a part-time fast bowler and has many records in his test career.

Innings: 188
Not Outs: 17
Aggregate: 7212
Highest Score: 239
Average: 42.18
The 50s: 35
100s: 16
200s: 1
300s: 0
Ducks: 13
Pairs: 0
4s: 900
6s: 57
Balls Faced: 14070
Scoring Rate 51.26
Opened Batting: 1
Top Scored in Innings: 23
% of Team Runs Scored: 11.78


3. Harbhajan Singh(103 test matches)

The legendary off-spinner of India Harbhajan Singh who has been the reason behind the victory of India in many sena countries has also had a record of playing 100 test matches for India.

Overs: 4763.2
Balls: 28580
Maidens: 869
Runs Conceded: 13537
Wickets: 417
Average: 32.46
5 Wickets in Innings: 25
10 Wickets in Match: 5
Best – Innings: 8/84
Best – Match: 15/217
None for 100 3
Economy Rate: 2.84
Strike Rate: 68.54
% of Team Wickets Taken: 25.40


4. Kapil Dev(131 test matches)

The right-handed legend all-rounder of India Kapil Dev who is also the world cup winning captain of India in 1983 has played more than 100 test matches in his lifetime.

Innings: 184
Not Outs: 15
Aggregate: 5248
Highest Score: 163
Average: 31.05
The 50s: 27
100s: 8
200s: 0
300s: 0
Ducks: 16
Pairs: 0
4s: 504
6s: 44
Balls Faced: 0
Scoring Rate N/A
Opened Batting: 0
Top Scored in Innings: 15
% of Team Runs Scored: 8.28


5. VVS Laxman(134 test matches)

The middle-order batsman of India VVS Laxman who has represented India in more than 100 test matches has been recognized as one of the main reasons behind the success rate of India on foreign soil.

Innings: 225
Not Outs: 34
Aggregate: 8781
Highest Score: 281
Average: 45.97
The 50s: 56
100s: 17
200s: 2
300s: 0
Ducks: 14
Pairs: 1
4s: 1135
6s: 5
Balls Faced: 17786
Scoring Rate 49.37
Opened Batting: 25
Top Scored in Innings: 31
% of Team Runs Scored: 11.75


6. Rahul Dravid(164 test matches)

The wall of Indian batting order Rahul Dravid has been represented India in about 115 test matches. David also leads the team in test matches has become one of the first test captains to win at lords,

Innings: 286
Not Outs: 32
Aggregate: 13288
Highest Score: 270
Average: 52.31
The 50s: 63
100s: 36
200s: 5
300s: 0
Ducks: 8
Pairs: 0
4s: 1654
6s: 21
Balls Faced: 31258
Scoring Rate 42.51
Opened Batting: 23
Top Scored in Innings: 53
% of Team Runs Scored: 14.76


7. Anil Kumble(132 test matches)

The right-arm off-break bowler Anil Kumble who has the record of taking 10 wickets in an inning has also been on the list of players who represent India in 100 test matches.

Overs: 6808.2
Balls: 40850
Maidens: 1575
Runs Conceded: 18355
Wickets: 619
Average: 29.65
5 Wickets in Innings: 35
10 Wickets in Match: 8
Best – Innings: 10/74
Best – Match: 14/149
None for 100 6
Economy Rate: 2.70
Strike Rate: 65.99
% of Team Wickets Taken: 29.80


8. Virendra Shewag(104 test matches)

The destructive opener and a world-class player Virendra Shewag who also has a record of the fastest triple century has also represented India in more than 100 test matches.

innings: 180
Not Outs: 6
Aggregate: 8586
Highest Score: 319
Average: 49.34
The 50s: 32
100s: 23
200s: 6
300s: 2
Ducks: 16
Pairs: 1
4s: 1232
6s: 91
Balls Faced: 10444
Scoring Rate 82.21
Opened Batting: 170
Top Scored in Innings: 38
% of Team Runs Scored: 14.68


9. Ishant Sharma(105 test matches)

The right-arm fast bowler Ishant Sharma has also had his name in the list of players representing India in 100 test matches.

Overs: 3193.2
Balls: 19160
Maidens: 640
Runs Conceded: 10078
Wickets: 311
Average: 32.41
5 Wickets in Innings: 11
10 Wickets in Match: 1
Best – Innings: 7/74
Best – Match: 10/108
None for 100 5
Economy Rate: 3.16
Strike Rate: 61.61
% of Team Wickets Taken: 17.98


10. Sunil Gavaskar(125 test matches)

The legend Sunil Gavaskar who has been a part of the world cup winning squad of India in 1983 has also represented India in more than 100 test matches.

innings: 214
Not Outs: 16
Aggregate: 10122
Highest Score: 236*
Average: 51.12
The 50s: 45
100s: 34
200s: 4
300s: 0
Ducks: 12
Pairs: 0
4s: 764
6s: 14
Balls Faced: 0
Scoring Rate N/A
Opened Batting: 203
Top Scored in Innings: 60
% of Team Runs Scored: 16.55


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