Orangutan Esports Announces Their Female Valorant Lineup

Orangutan Esports Female Valorant Lineup: Orangutan Esports have entered the valorant Esports scene with a bang. The famous Indian Esports organization is famous for their dominating performance in BGMI and other gaming platforms like Freefire.

The female lineup contains two Philippines players, two Indian players, and one Pakistani player. The lineup will be playing their first match on 2nd April 2022 in FSL VCT SEA Game Changers. Team Orangutan will play from Group I in the tournament. The lineup contains some of the big names such as CaspeR and Sway from India, Kachow and Japips from the Philippines, and Mythica from Pakistan.

Orangutan Female Valorant Lineup: Players And Their History

These players have really good potential and experience in a valorant competitive scene in order to make things work in their favor. After having so much potential the organization Orangutan can give a real morale boost in the favor of these players. Some of these players’ descriptions are given below:-

  1. Kachow:- Kachow is a Philippines professional valorant player. She is well known for her dominating Kayo and Breach plays in the Valorant. She used to play for Siomai and Friends – Meraki before joining Orangutan.
  2. Japipis:- Japipis is a Philippines professional valorant player. Japipis is well known for her passive sage main gameplays. Before joining Orangutan she used to play for TC Arise. 
  3. Mythica:- Mythica is a Pakistani professional valorant player who is well known for her Sova main gameplays. Mythica used to play with Sway in their competitive valorant matches. Both Sway and Mythica were in the same team named Couldn’t Care Less before joining Orangutan.
  4. Sway:- She is a professional valorant player from India. Sway is well known for her dominating Jett plays and sniping skills. Sway used to play for the team Couldn’t Care Less before joining Orangutan Esports.
  5. CaspeR:- She is the most famous valorant player from India. She is popular for her role as the best support player out there in India. Casper used to play for team Velocity Asteria before joining Orangutan Esports. Casper is the most experienced player in the female esports out there.

So these points can definitely be considered to showcase the potential of these female valorant players. These players can be as deadly in the matches as opponents would not have expected them to be. So they are definitely a team that can become a nightmare at the VCT Game changers for other well-known teams.

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Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar
Aditya is a content writer who is an enthusiast of watching and playing Esports games such as Valorant and BGMI and writes about Esports events and happenings.


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