Optic Gaming Wins VCT Masters Grand Finals Reykjavík Stage-1

Optic Gaming defeated Loud(also known as LLL) in the grand finals of VCT Masters Final Reykjavík Stage-1. Optic also got their revenge on LLL as the Brazilian team defeated them earlier in the tournament and sent into the lower brackets.

With the win, Optic Gaming became the 2nd North American team to win the VCT Masters after Sentinels. Sentinels also won the Stage-1 in Reykjavík, last year in 2021.

Optic Gaming Journey In VCT Masters Reykjavík Stage-1

Optic were one of the 8 teams who played play-offs stage in order to qualify for the main event. They failed to win the NA challengers and as a result failed to secure a spot in main event.

However, that didn’t stop the team to win the tournament. They lost two games in the tournament. The first game they lost was their first game at the tournament against Xerxia, whereas, the second one they lost against LOUD.

They defeated LLL in the finals by 3-0 to secure the trophy and the huge prize money.

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Match Report

Map-1: Ascent (Picked by LLL)

Optic Gaming
Optic Gaming with the victory on map-1

Despite being Loud’s pick, Optic Gaming completely dominated the game into the first half as defenders. They finished the half at 10-2 and the map looked almost a clean one for the North American team.

However, LLL tried to make a comeback in the second half and won 5 rounds back to back. But it was not enough as the match ended 13-9 into Optic’s half.

  • Final Score: 13-9 (Optic Gaming)
  • MVP: Marved (Optic) with 22 Kills

Map-2: Bind (Picked by Optic Gaming)

A tough fight from LOUD was not enough as Optic secured their second map

Unlike the first map, the second one went quite close and the winner of the map was decided into over time. Optic Gaming won their map pick by 14-12 and took a lead of 2-0 in the series.

This win almost ensured their win at VCT Masters Stage-1 Reykjavík for the North American team. But to confirm it, they need to secure one more map from the remaining three.

  • Final Score: 14-12 (Optic)
  • MVP: Yay (Optic) with 30 Kills

Map-3: Breeze (Picked by LLL)

The third match once again went to the over time and yet again Optic gaming came on top to win the trophy. This time LLL survived the first OT, but failed to survive the second one and they lost 16-14 in the finals.

  • Final Score: 15-13 (Optic)
  • MVP: aspas (LLL) with 27 Kills

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