Olympic Champion Usain Bolt Becomes Co-owner of An Esports Team

World fastest man Usain Bolt has entered the world of Esports by joining the Irish Esports organization WYLDE esports. The eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt has joined the organization in the position of Co-Owner of the organization. Usain Bolt said that “I’ve been a gamer all my life – it’s a big community, and it’s just getting bigger.”Being the co-owner of the team will deliver the next step for the organization’s success.

Usian Bolt On Esports

Usain Bolt took the decision on 30th March 2022. He has always been an enthusiast of being a part of esports. Bolt said “WYLDE is on a journey to becoming one of the biggest brands in the fastest growing sport in the world. In esports, like in track & field, it’s critical to have that competitive, winning mentality. I look forward to working with the WYLDE leadership team to help our players to reach their potential, while also taking care of their physical and mental wellbeing”.

In partnership with its newest shareholder Usain Bolt, WYLDE plans to host a Jamaican Bootcamp later in 2022.

WYLDE esports is a famous organization established by Steve Daly two years ago. The team competes in different esports games such as Rainbow six siege, Fifa, Rocket League, and Valorant. The organization has recruited professional players, content creators, and academic athletes across 16 countries.

The organization is already represented by winning teams in UK & Ireland, Germany, and France. In 2021 WYLDE esports established an academy to train and nourish the esports new players, organizing community tournaments and setting up their boot camps across Europe.

WYLDE co-founder David Cronin said that “Usain coming on board takes WYLDE to the next level. With his vast competitive experience and Olympic-winning mentality, his guidance will be invaluable as we continue to build professional structures to support the development of our players”.

Bolt after retiring from professional athletics sprinting in 2017 has made up his mind to join the Esports community. It is obvious that adding Usain Bolt will help WYLDE esports to achieve their predetermined goals in the Esports community.

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Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar
Aditya is a content writer who is an enthusiast of watching and playing Esports games such as Valorant and BGMI and writes about Esports events and happenings.


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